Saturday, August 3, 2019


Cartel is defined as “ a group of apparently independent producers whose goal is to increase their collective profits by means of price fixing, limiting supply, or other restrictive practices.” Cartel is also can be an  international syndicate to regulate and fix prices.  In this instance we’re talking about the Federal Reserve which is a private bank hereafter called a Central Bank..  Other Central banks European Central Bank, or Bank of England, Bank of Japan. Thomas Jefferson warned the nation about allowing the banks to control and issue currency.  That ultimately they would destroy a nation and it’s people. Mayer Rothschild of the famous Rothschild banking family from England said “ give me control over  nations money and I car not who makes the laws.”
     Here’s a question, why did FED chairman lower the Fed loan rate, if everything is honky dory?  Aren’t we in the longest expansionary period ever?  Hmm seems contrary to me or the Federal Reserve Bank and our government are flat out lying to us the American people.  This is being done to support the banking systems financial sheets.  Interest rates are already hovering near ZERO since around 2008.  This Zero interest rate is not just here in the United States, but in Europe, Japan, China and every other industrialized country in the world.  With interest rates at zero have you or any other person you know got a reduction in their mortgage payment, auto loan, credit card interest rate currently hovering from 15 to 30%?  What are we paying less for since 2008?  The answer is a resounding Nothing. Did you know in Europe they pay money to keep their money in the bank at negative interest rates.  Everything is to support the banking cartel.  The Cartel and their boyz the 1% have a plan, after they crash the system they will swoop in and buy businesses, real estate, other smaller banks at fraction of original cost while they laugh at the silly people.  Don’t look for your government for help both political parties are snickering at us the gullible people.  They are already crashing the bond market where the interest rates of a 10 year note is less than a 2 year note, that’s call a yield curve inversion.
With the banking cartel having whole countries by the kahunas now go back to Thomas Jefferson and Mayer Rothschild famous quotes, when banks control the money supply after a while everybody is in the soup line begging for crumbs.  Now you see why the banks and the governments don't want cryptocurrencies to come to the everyday people.  One it removes the cartel from the equation. Two it balances the playing field from the " Haves and Have Nots." Three it gives me and you a store of value that when they crash the system we'll still be able to operate without the petty gods all in our kool aid thus we evade the coming mark of the beast. Lastly I'm not a conspiracy theorist just a Watchman who sees clearly through all the published foolish narratives that the cartel and their cronies spread through the media outlets.  Do you really believe that the central banks and the governments are not part of "Selfish Society" as they line their pockets.  You do have a choice with your "Willful Blinded selves.  I've seen the outcome.  Next up "Why Should I Get Into Blockchain?

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