Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Degenerates run our country.  The definition is "having lost the physical, mental or moral qualities.  Other words are corrupted, debauched, reprobated, perverted, sinful, and ungodly.  Let's break this down, we have current president Donald Trump, former president Bill Clinton, former US Senator and Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton, Prince of England, Saudi Princes, countless other rich and powerful people have hung with Jeffrey Epstein for years.  The old saying about birds of a feather flock together.  All of these people should be tossed under a jail cell and the key thrown away.  They knew about his activities and participated , now they are trying to distance themselves.  How deep does the rabbit hole go?They had to get him out of the way.
     Let me ask this, why did they protect his degenerate ways for years?  Another question, there is no way the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ and others  here in the USA and abroad intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies didn't know about his activities in NYC and on "Orgy Island." Are this agencies saying he was an intelligence asset.  WOW!!! All of these degenerates, reprobated, perverts are running our country, the moral decay here in the United States and the world is appalling.  Are we so desensitized that nothing phases us anymore.  How in good conscience can we ever mutter out of our mouths "make america great again" because you have to know that " a fish rots from the head down."  Who in this case is without sin, I fully expect the people who supported this pervert will die unexplained and explained deaths.  Who even cares here in America, certainly not our governmental elites in both parties, the Christian elites which includes self anointed prophets, evangelists, pastors or even ordinary citizens who keep these bozos in power.  In the end down goes Frazier as the head hits the canvass, whoops America and her wicked, perverted ways.

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