Monday, August 12, 2019


Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion or behavior so unpredictable as to appear random.  That's what going on.  Funny thing once chaos is unleashed it's impossible to control. 1st they the Deep State will have everyone think it was a fluke that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide.  It also shows how deep the information he had would have brought the whole world system down in multiple countries.  Desperate times require desperate measures.  In their eyes the ends justifies the means.  Question who investigates the investigators? Logs will show that cameras were turned off in the guard area and the medical area.  Two, the ceilings are nine feet tall with nothing to attached to.  Three, sheets are made of a paper material. 4.  A mysterious van pulls up where the license plate is not identified, 5. Inside the van are military personnel and he is whisked away to medical with no records.  6.This has CIA and Mossad all over it. (7) on July 27 I wrote how this would end in " Jeffrey Einstein found Dead", two wees before that I posted a picture of a Hurst that shows what happens to Deep State detractors.  Now the world will know how the Deep State destroyed Black Leaders using the police state and the judicial system, economics through the virtual plantation system to keep order.  What comes around goes around.  Chaos reins. It's now a battle of the Have's and Have Not's and color will be a side bar.
    Next up Gold and Silver breaks 5 year downtrend against all world currencies.   These two precious metals have always been a store of value when chaos erupts as a hedge against man's foolishness.  Europe is on the ropes, China has tariff wars against the USA, plus they are sending in Troops to squelch the mass demonstrations in Hong Kong plus they have issues with Taiwan. South America has been a mess for a while and it's only getting worse.  No wonder immigrants flowing to the United States.  Oil is breaking down, watch the price, it always shows where things are going.
     Next up chaos is showing up in price escalations at Walmart they are not the low price leader anymore.  In the trucking industry loads are slowing down.  Guess what Loadsmart and Starsky just delivered a fully automated Truck delivery without humans recently.  Lastly Bitcoin will be a digital form of gold and Litecoin will be a digital silver, these assets will rise to astronomical heights and the US dollar will continue to rise against all world currencies wrecking chaos against other world currencies.

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