Sunday, July 14, 2019


I have never written on this topic before but it's been weighing on me.  I've come to the conclusion that women live in a fairy tale.  Now I know lot's of you are gonna get mad and quit reading.  It's been said there are three sides to a story .  Your side, my side and the truth, but most people can't handle the truth.  To wait "means to stay in place in expectation of".  But if you wait and not put yourself in position you will be waiting forever because men or not wired like females are wired mentally or physically.  It's been said men are from Mars and women from Venus, so our thought processes are completely different.  Women can not think like a man or act like a man even though a woman may try the bottom line is you're still a woman.  Boaz is an illusion a fairy tale just like living happily ever after.  We live in the real world with real issues. To wait is like the word FAITH, FAITH is an action word.  Doesn't the WORD say faith without works is dead, therefore in this context waiting is action.
     All these relationship gurus are in it for the money and glory using spirituality, tapping into women's emotional nature.  Have you ever wondered why all the Boaz conferences are filled with women?  Where are the men?  Where are the men in the church?  Why are all the pews filled with women?  Isn't Boaz a man?  I would think Boaz would want to be heard. Another question, if all these married Pastors, Pastor's wives and single women's evangelists gurus giving these conferences to single women, where are the results? We do live in a results driven world.  How do you measure results of what they are preaching? I'd venture to bet the results are very low.
     Even if Boaz came around how would you recognize him?  The world didn't recognize Jesus, and they crucified Him.  Why did they crucify Him, because He messed with the Bankers/Pastor's money.  Go back and read your Bible with an understanding.  It states and I paraphrase to the Bible thumpers during the Passover festival,  the radical revolutionary Jesus(Yahushua) came to the temple and turned over the money changers tables (Bankers/Pastors) and the Word says IMMEDIATELY they said He had to die then they started plotting to have Him offed.   Here's something else to ponder, Jesus and His movement was radical and revolutionary not passive, how else would thousands start following Him.  What voice are you truly listening too?   Your Pastor is married, the Pastor's wife is married whose on one side of the fence and doesn't understand your singleness, or the single relationship guru who can't find a mate, but yet they can give advice, again three separate voices, in reality are they more spiritual than you?  Do you really know what they do behind closed doors? You'd be surprised they are human too!!!
     So while you're waiting on your Boaz what do you do?  Another thing, you bring up the scripture "He who finds a wife finds favor with the Lord." The key word again is find, which in this context is an action word, that means you have to put yourself out there to be found.  Let me put this out there , nothing in life is easy, even though we live in the new microwave era, but yet man's mind is still medieval and barbaric, find means work so you have to navigate treacherous waters. So now I go to WHAT PORCH DO YOU STAND ON?  some of y'all who are truly spiritual will get it from the scene in John 5:2-15 of the impotent man at the Pool of Bethesda.  What ledge or porch do you stand on? Do I have the answers unequivocally no, but I do know this, all these voices and experiences in our lives are loud distraction noises, therefore it confuses your mind from all the clutter and baggage that you are carrying around in the battlefield of your mind.  So again what porch do you stand on? You need to know.
     Here's something else I hear.  "He has to have a heart for God.  Wait a minute the average man is simple.  We're not quoting scriptures all day, praying all day, when we get up we're trying to make it and get it from all the mess that floats around us.  Life's hard even when you are prayed up.  Even your Pastor doesn't quote scripture and pray all day.  Even if a man says he does this all day he's running game and  you wouldn't want him or her anyway.  Here's another thing these gurus who say they waited before having relations, don't live in the real world, they are so heavenly good that they are no earthly good,  Maybe they waited because are not sexual beings, or they are on the down low or gay, or they have issues in that department either physically or mentally from all the clutter, baggage and hangups in their minds.  Therefore all that mess and waiting will carry over into their marriage and this relationship is doomed from the start, sexually frustrated in a sexless marriage.  Newsflash real men and women are wanna get broke off, that's how GOD made us. Now that doesn't mean just because you had sex means your relationship is doomed and you're going to hell.  In a real relationship there will be three T's, Talk, Time and Touch which you have to have, which brings on honesty and openness, recreational companionship and Trust. Next up all these lists that men and women have are unrealistic.  You're never gonna get 100% of what's on your list, the best you're gonna get is 80% but you're waiting on the other 20%.  In the meantime 80% just exited to the left because of the clutter, baggage and hangups in your war zone mind Mr. and Ms. perfect.