Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Today we live in the ME society. Narcissism, selfishness, greed, covetness, proudness, arrogance, heartlessness, concietness, Shinning and  Blinging, is at a all time high. Today people buy expensive homes with loans far above their ability to pay. People Bling out their cars, their clothes, their babies and children with top shelf brands for show. In the process they spend beyond their means and many are one paycheck from homelessness which showed during the federal lockout.  Some max out and supplement their income with their credit cards to impress others who don't give a rat's tail about them.  In this facade do you really know what's behind the curtain when the curtain is pulled back? It could be a clunker.  Today people are into their own personal brand, packaging themselves like a product to be sold.  We have people posting everything they do or when they do stupid stuff or do violence on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.  Then out comes the copycats. We think this is all good.  In reality what we as a people are doing is contributing to the rapid destruction of our society.  Who cares all is Bliss.
      In relationships we have two people coming together from different backgrounds with different selfish agendas, and lots of baggage merging as one.  In math 1+1= 2 not 1.  Today  the new math is 1+1+1 = 1.  Maybe that's why divorce is so high or people can't get together because it's not mathematically correct?  Maybe selfishness + narcissism + shining + greed + conceitness + heartlessness certainly does not = 1.  What about people wanting to get married and they stand before minister or judge and state these vows  "for better, for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...till death does us part".  Not in today's Me society.  When the going get s tough, Today's  ME society says I'm outta here, adios sucka.  Some people in this Me society say I need to be happy nevermind being as one requires work.  So they say adios sucka.  Maybe with all these factors no wonder people are opting out of marriage and building relationships because it doesn't add up mathematically.  Lastly LOVE is not in the equation and certainly without LOVE a Fruit of the Spirit you have no chance. Even Jesus said "He who does not love does not know God." For God is love.
     Another outcome of the ME society is the lack of empathy, we only care about ourselves and not caring about others.  Yet we claim we are Christians.  This thought process leads to greater economic disparities between the Have's and Have Nots.  Let me say this Government is not the answer, they can't legislate and enforce whats in hearts and minds of humans.  In business companies want loyalty but yet they have no loyalty to their employees.  It's about the bottom line. Even now businesses hardly do pensions anymore preferring to do 401k's because it cost them less money.  Here's another trend with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Blockchain and the new 5G networks more people will get laid off from all ages and all types of industries.  In politics we have Democrats and Republicans who have the inability to cooperate with each other to solve problems. Our leaders don't care about the general welfare of the country, nor the people in this country, only about their own selfish agendas.  This selfishness and narcissism is the agenda we show our kids, the world and the country.  This is what we export to the world.  Maybe that's why everybody wants to come to America. Eventually when a real crisis hits, the seeds they have sown they will reap.  It only gets worse from here, it will not get better. With all this Me, how can the tide be turned, America will not be great again, that ship has sailed.  This essay taken from "2 Timothy 3:1-9.

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