Saturday, July 27, 2019


If you have followed my writings for awhile.  You’ll know I am a fan of cryptocurrencies/Blockchain technology.  These assets have the capability to level the playing field of the “Have’s and the Have Nots”.  There are two types of cryptos. Virtual store of value coins like Bitcoin which is like a version of digital gold and Litecoin which is like digital silver.  Both of these coins come from the Blockchain. Now the other side of Blockchain are coin applications that actually solve problems or make things more efficient. Coins such as Ripple, Stella Lumens, EOS, NEO, Veechain, Tron, Ontology, Zilliqua. You should have both of these two types of asset classes before mass adoption takes place.  In case you didn’t know Bitcoin and Litecoin are divisible just like a dollar has different denominations like hundreds, twenty’s, five’s and one’s. In addition you can break it down even further like quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.These are called Satoshi’s. As we get more into a Totalitarian state which is a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state..  The government thinks they are like gods where they can intrude and control every part of our lives. When Homeland Security department was created we gave up our rights under the disguise that government is our daddy and protector.
     What Homeland Security really is about is control of the masses.  This week, letters were sent out by the government enforcement agency otherwise known as the IRS to alleged holders of crypto assets.  Originally they tried to force and bully crypto exchanges to give up their customer bases, but they refused. See crypto is a series of keys that cannot be decoded.  So what did they the government do, they did a end around and got Google's, Microsoft and Apples Safari’s browser data because they are popular browsers. That’s why I use browsers like BRAVE and Duck Duck Go and a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to do transactions, and gather information. Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook invade your privacy and sell all your information plus give it to the government.
     Recently Facebook introduced their crypto coin called Libra and now the governments and central banks like the Federal Reserve and other central banks are shaking in their boots.  Facebook has 2.5 Billion users on a daily worldwide basis and they are trying to have a stable coin which is like a US Dollar or Euro or YEN which is tied into VISA and MasterCard to bypass banks.  The US government has already attacked Bitmex a crypto exchange founded in 2014 by a Black man from the projects in Buffalo NY, now the youngest multi Billionaire on record in the world. Anyway his exchange is in Hong Kong and they messing with him because US Traders use VPN’s to circumvent the tariffs between United States and China to hide their location even though Bitmex won't let US customers trade there. Binance a platform I have used has informed their base in the US that USA customers can’t trade there anymore because of the tariff war between China and USA.

     Here’s the DC gods speaking “This is indeed a national security issue. We will not allow digital-asset service providers to operate in the shadows.” then they stated “very serious concerns that Libra could be misused by money launderers and terrorist financiers.”  Even the Trumpster tweeted and I paraphrase if Facebook wants to become a bank let them get a bank charter. Never mind that Chase Bank is already using their own Crypto just for their boys doing money laundering on their own network. Homeland Security can’t see what they are doing.  Reading between the lines the government wants your to tax you, but right now they can’t figure what crypto is yet because it’s new ground breaking technology. Why else do they hate Libra coin? Because it will be a basket of the 6 most used currencies and will be controlled by a group of 27 companies. Bypassing the government controlled money and cutting out middlemen, Pretty futurist itsn’t it.  Let me dispel the government narrative; 30 Billion in Bitcoin purchases are done on a daily basis by real companies who identify the users everyday and are paying taxes. Which is 30 times the illegal use. What else is the government thinking about? Libra could replace the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Remember all worldwide transactions are in dollars and we get a piece of every transaction. IT’S ALL WAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.  See again in yesterday’s piece called “ Cradle of Civilization A Rebirth”. I said “A Fish Rots From The Head Down” That’s the USA . Remember every revolution we've ever had, The American Revolution, The Civil War its root cause is about the money and taxation. "Down Goes Frazier" as we hit the canvas with a loud thump will repeat. But it’s not to late to get in on the ground floor to level the playing field and bypassing the coming Mark. One last thing steer clear of Facebook’s Libra Coin.

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