Saturday, July 27, 2019


Not yet..But as I write this Epstein was found nearly dead with injuries to his neck in his cell at a maximum security center.  Of course authorities are refusing to tell what happened.  We as Black people know the system is rigged.  This man has billions and he can't even negotiate to pay bail with a anchor monitor or with 24 hr security.  He is a political prisoner just like Julian Assange founder of WikiLeaks.  People in the power circles in Washington DC, New York's Wall Street Crowd, and worldwide elites know this man furnished under aged girls and boys to perverts with power and money. I wrote about two years ago called "Pizzagate" where it would eventually come out.  Epstein's list is very extensive as a matter of fact no one knows how he made his billions, that means he operated in the shadows with very powerful people and organizations.
     It's been documented that Bill Clinton has been on Epstein's private 737 THOT jet multiple times and been to his private island multiple times.  High profile Saudi Princes in charge of OPEC oil cartels have been on his island, also the prince of England. Based upon just these three people there is no way this man is not found dead.  Just like the rich boy who leaked the DNC info to WikiLeaks, not a Russian Hack was found shot in the the head at close range and DC police said it was a suicide.
The question remains when and how will Jeffrey Epstein be found dead. Either fake suicide or fellow prisoner kills him.  He will never be allowed to go to trial, He will never be allowed to make a deal.  See the government and other powerful people and organizations doesn't want his list to come out.  You'll be surprised who's a pervert.  Why do you think Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was holed up and he's not even a United States citizen.  Or John McAfee of McAfee founder of the 1st commercial anti-virus software program went underground.  It's because of the dirt they have on very powerful people or organizations.

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