Friday, July 5, 2019


Poker is a game to win money by capturing the pot which contains bets of various players during the hand. Players try to see who has the best hand or give the impression that their hand is the best and try to get the other players to fold are abandon their hands.  Well the world and our own DEEP STATE is playing poker with the TRUMPSTER.  militarily economically and politically. Just like in the movie "Training Day" Denzel Washington says " King Kong ain't got nothing on me" that's the Deep State's attitude with the Trumpster but ask him if he cares what they think or what he says, unequivocally hell to the naw naw. At least you know what he thinks as opposed to playing games and stabbing you in the back while you're not looking.
  In a lot of ways the Trumpster is like the Dallas Cowboys either you like him or hate him there's no in between. Well the cards maybe starting to flow to the Trumpster against the Deep State and the World.  Lots of things have changed in the last 4 months since the Mueller Report.  Even Nancy Pelosi backed down on border funding, she's even ruled out impeachment angering people in both parties. Recently the Deep State in their lust for war had our own drone shot down and put a bomb on the side of an oil tanker in the straits of Humoz and blamed it on Iran.  They thought that the Trumpster being a hothead would start a war but he called off the attack at the last moment.  Now Trump is doing something no other president has ever done go to North Korea. Next up Xi of China and our tariff war and Putin of Russia.  Wanna bet the Deep State is in a conundrum as they plan their next move the imploding of the US and worlds economies.

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