Friday, July 26, 2019


Africa was the first place where man created and lived thereby branching out to other parts of the world.  It was a place where early inventions like fire, literacy, language, time, science, mathematical equations, technology, architecture and trade was created.   Thus the cradle of civilization was Africa, not Greece, Europe, Asia, Mesopotamia, South America  nor any other place where his-story's false narrative has been recorded and taught.  Africa was also a prime location for early trade where gold, silver, iron, copper and agricultural goods and services were born.  With these assets Africa flourished.  I would be remiss to not say this, the original people were created in GOD'S own image and given wisdom and knowledge by GOD since it was the cradle of civilization.
     When Africa is mentioned now its usually has bad connotations.  But China knows the truth that Africa is the cradle of the old and new civilization.  In my piece "A Fish Rots From The Head Down" written in April 2018 I wrote that China wants to re-create the old "Silk Road" trade route also called "One Belt One Road".  This is an ambitious plan by China  to link 70% of the worlds population and 28% of the worlds "GNP" (gross domestic product) by a network of highways, railways and pipelines linking Africa to India to China.  The United States knows this thereby we have enacted tariffs to throw a wrench in the progress.
     Now you have to ask yourself why are the two largest continents getting together? It's easy "FOLLOW THE MONEY", IT'S ALL WAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.  Africa has the most minerals and raw materials in the world.  Here's another kicker, half of the worlds fastest growing economies will be in Africa.  Right now 20 of the fastest growing  economies and populations are in Africa.  These 20 fastest countries are growing at 5% and above.  Whereas here in the USA we're stagnating and Europe is negative. Of course our government stats are fabricated and inflated. By 2030 a mere 10 years from now, 43% of Africans will be considered as middle class.  Africa is considered an economic incubator.  For example Kenya has pioneered a system of mobile payment that's bigger than Apple Pay and Google pay where users use their mobile phones to send and receive cash.  Kenya and Tanzania also boast impressive industries in telecommunications, banking, energy, mining, transportation and agriculture.  It's also kinda ironic that these areas of the world see Crypto/Blockchain as viable economic alternatives to the current system.
     Look at these growth rates right now in 2018/2019. Ethiopia 8.2%; Rwanda 7.2%; Kenya 6.1%; Ghana 8.3% and Tanzania 6.8% and other countries not mentioned.  Based upon these numbers Africa's economic growth rates rival India and China.  One last stat, by 2050 over half of Africa's 2.2 billion people will be living in cities the same as China, and most these young and educated.
     So what's really going on? When China woke up and became capitalist, China chose Africa because of its vast and rich natural resources. China also wanted to diversify from being dependent on the United States  and the US dollar, In case you didn't know all resources in the world are priced in US Dollars, that means the dollar is like MasterCard and VISA and we get a cut on every transaction.  Sweet deal for the United States but not so sweet for the rest of the world. Africa is also close to China.  Africa and China already had history of trade with each other from at least 800 B.C.  Another thing most people don't realize that Antioch  where the word Christians came into being was part of the old original Silk Trade Route before an earthquake destroyed the city.
     Africa and China have the resources, technologies, population to do battle with the United States.  This partnership was in existence long before Trump came into office.  " A Fish Rots From Head Down"  shows the United States short sightness, our prejudices, our attitudes, our disdainment, our arrogance towards people of color just like here in the United States.  In the end what goes around comes around.  In the end Mexicans will take back the stolen states that was theirs from the beginning.  In the end the rebirth of the cradle of civilization will come back and bite the European cave men in the rear end by 2032.  America will not be great again, the new playing field has been leveled you won't get 300 years of free labor again.  In the end the Babylon the great harlot falls.

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