Friday, July 5, 2019


Today the 4th of July is a fun joyous day.  The place is running over with family and friends.  There is laughing eating, card playing, drinking, swimming and dancing going on.  Today I passed by a church in my hood and the neon sign read Happy Independence Day.  WOW!  July 4th Independence Day is just another lie just like there is no person names Santa Claus who drops off presents if you're naughty or nice.  Actually July 2nd is the actual date that the 2nd Continental Congress met in Philly and approved the Declaration of Independence and the edited version was done on the 4th of July.  If you know your history we were chattel which is property for those who don't know.  We weren't even a whole person, we were considered as three fifths of a person.  We're celebrating that slavery was okay by our government.
     When the Declaration of Independence was signed it was signed by 56 white men of which 27 were slave owners, slave investors or slave shippers.  Even the Governor of Virginia signed a bill to encourage white men to join the revolutionary army by offering one "healthy sound Negro" as compensation.  Nor does our history books mention Crispus Attucks a Black man who was the first to die in the Boston Massacre in an event that started the violence and revolution against Great Britain or that he was a professional free seaman for over 20 years.  Does our history books mention the 5,000 Black soldiers who bravely fought in the American Revolution or the fact that George Washington initially didn't admit Black soldiers until he saw how they fought and kicked butt.  The American Revolution war theme was "No Taxation Without Representation" but wait that theme is still going on today whether you are Black, Brown or White.
     Today all people regardless of color or ethnicity in many respects are still fighting for the same ideals that the American Revolution was fought for. The reality is a small group of lawmakers still believe that they are like petty gods and it's their job to control how we live, do business, how we spend our money, what we put in our bodies, what we do to our bodies and where we can travel.  They control what we say, write, what we read, then they invade our privacy.  They have the gall to make a person get a license to braid or cut hair in affect they have their hands in everything we do, plus we have to ask them for permission for about everything we do. Is this freedom? I don't think so.
     There will be no uprisings, everyone seems to be completely complacent in the illusion of freedom.  As a nation we have traded liberty for dependence on government as our daddy and taxation without representation.  What's next the new Totalitarian State? Just something to think about as I watch the beautiful fireworks.

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