Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: CALL IT AS I SEE IT

The Progressive Watchman: CALL IT AS I SEE IT: In the article "The Straw That Breaks The Camel Back" written July 24, 2018, I stated three contrarian opposite views different fr...


In the article "The Straw That Breaks The Camel Back" written July 24, 2018, I stated three contrarian opposite views different from the experts and establishment.  I stated 3 asset classes would erupt to the upside.  All three have erupted to the upside These asset classes are Gold and Silver, Bitcoin leading the way in the Crypto/Blockchain class and the U.S. Dollar.  The Press and our lustrous blind leaders who run our country whether Democrat or Republican, our states, cities of course are always a day late and a dollar short.  Ole foolish American people who has bewitched you with their sleight of hand tricks when will you wake up, maybe when the waves overtake you and you're drowning, LOL.
     If you have done your home work you know there are only three possible outcomes.  One the good ole times are here again.  NOT!!! Two, stagflation which is the economy is stagnant and everything is going up around you, like the hull of the Titanic taking on water before sinking or where the economy is like a punch drunken fighter getting hit with devastating body and head shots up against the ropes and the ref is looking closely before stopping the fight. Third and finally full blown depression.   Right now we are in stage two.  Here's the kicker there is nothing that any government or leader can do, in fact they will make things worst.  Neither party has any answers, trickle down will not work nor government sponsored programs, nor taking money from the rich in a redistribution scheme..  The laws of nature have taken hold in the economies of the world.  I wrote in late April that oil was smelling something.  In two months oil has gone from $67 a barrel to $51, gas at the wholesale level has gone from$2.15 down to $1.70 which we are starting to see at the pumps in some areas where gas is $2.07 a gallon.  The U.S. Dollar keeps defying gravity and is causing all types of havoc as all commodities and financial transactions are based in dollars since it is the reserve currency of the world. Bitcoin has gone from $3500 to $11,000, Gold's gone from $1150 to $1400 and by the end of the year both of these asset classes will be at new all time highs as Newton's third law takes over in an accelerated pace.  Two to three years from now you will be kicking yourself because you dismissed these asset classes as fads.What we must understand that all governments no matter what country or state or city is on the verge of a financial credit and currency meltdown from the steam venting underneath the debt the world has. There is a growing concern that all banking systems in the world will crater as they continue to use old outdated "Monetary Theories."
     Next up all out war in Middle East to cover up financial world crisis by the Deep State with Trump as the patsy.  Don't believe the hype that Iran is planting bombs on oil tankers, and shooting down our drones, it's really the United States covert operations in a new 'Wag The Dog" production.  I expect we will do some type of military strike against Iran soon then Iran will hit Israel, Israel strikes back then it's on and popping.  By the way did you know the FAA just issued an emergency order "No Fly Zone over the Straits of Hormuz and Gulf of Oman" on Thursday June 20.  This time we lose the war because the war won't be fought in a traditional ways, believe me tests runs have already been done by extremists, hackers and other countries..
     In the end God knows the unrighteousness of men suppress the truth in unrighteousness therefore the so called wise became foolish in their thoughts and ways.  Don't you know God changes times and seasons, He deposes kings and raises up others.  He gives wisdom, knowledge and discernment to them that ask, seek and knock or have you forgotten.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: REPOST OF FEB 2018 ARTICLE WITH NEW INFO

The Progressive Watchman: REPOST OF FEB 2018 ARTICLE WITH NEW INFO: In the beginning of 2018, I published " The Shaking Has Begun" and three articles about the Mark of the Beast, the 1st called  &q...


In the beginning of 2018, I published " The Shaking Has Begun" and three articles about the Mark of the Beast, the 1st called  "The Deep State and The Beginning of The Fall" where I gave evidence through United States House Bill 4760 and  2nd " Mark of the Beast More Evidence is Here Now" written  January 24, 2018 and lastly " The Coming Mark of The Beast Revealed" published Feb 09, 2018.  At the end of this re post is a new short clip which you should watch. Now my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, because you have rejected knowledge.  I will reject you…seeing you have forgotten the law of God, I will also forget my children.  He that has an ear let him hear what the Holy Spirit says to the churches.”  Can you not see? Can you not hear? Can you not discern that we live in a time like no other?  The midnight hour has come, and you have a responsibility to know and understand the times we live in.  You cannot claim ignorance, you have the information, you are without excuse better yet even with the information you do not seek to understand the deception being poured upon you.  It is increasingly more difficult to distinguish truth from lies.  Whose report to you believe?
     There is much evil being planned against us, even our elect, our Pastors, prophets’, Apostles, Leadership, elected officials are being fooled while they do their own thing with their heads in the sand like an ostrich or they are too busy doing their own thing, their senses have become dull or maybe they just don’t understand how biometrics is the prelude to the mark of the beast.  Technology is advancing so rapidly with Artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer chips, you are being primed for the mark of the beast.
See the Devil has wanted to be like our creator since the beginning of time.  So how will this be done with technology?  1st off you will not be made to take the mark.  Satin is too clever because he appears like an angel of light.  2nd The mark will be MARKETED SEVERAL WAYS AS SOMETHING COOL.  3rd you will have free will to accept or reject the new technology. 4th You will be told you cannot work, receive medical care, buy or sell goods and services without the mark.  So, you take it under your own free will.
The Devil knows whoever gains the POWER OVER THE BLOOD gains power over the man.  The mark CHANGES the DNA OF THE BLOOD AND YOU BECOME UN REDEEMABLE EVEN IF YOU ARE SAVED, THERE WILL BE NO GRACE.  (GODS GRACE AT CHRIST EXPENSE). The blood brings and gives life, creates oxygen to the cells and it brings, restores and keeps life or it can be a destroyer of life (Cancer), Why do you think it so much fuss about the blood?  Who shed HIS blood for the remission of our sins?  So, any alteration of your DNA is an abomination to YAHUSHUA (CHRIST/GOD) .  You are thereby mixing Satins seed with GOD and have broken the COVENANT/CONTRACT/AGREEMENT WITH OUR CREATOR (I AM THAT I AM, EL SHADDAHI) and He said “there is to be no other GOD but me.  So, with you taking the mark you have effectively made Satan god since he has wanted to be like God since the beginning.
     So, since technology will be used and his advancing so rapidly, warn your family, friends, coworkers, Pastors, those in leadership positions who are into their own things who he Normalcy Bias, with their heads in the sand like an ostrich, asleep at the wheel with their dull senses or frankly don’t understand there are NO EXCUSES.  So, n ow “even the mystery which has been hid from the ages and from generations is now being made manifested to the saints.  So just as in the days of Noah were, so is the times we are in now.”  So, harden not your hearts.  Events will now escalate with more fervor, intensity with more in-depth scheming by Satin.  You are now being given the opportunity to see the deception, therefore you can choose who will you follow and what path you will take, life or hell.