Sunday, May 19, 2019


"I've fallen and I can't get up" is a famous line in a commercial from Life Alert a medical alert system that provides emergency help 24/7 even if you can't reach a phone.  It's 2019 we as Blacks have fallen and we can't get up.  We've gone from the physical plantation to a Virtual Plantation of the mind. In Romans 12:2, Paul states we need to renew our minds, and not be conformed to this world.  Therefore we need a paradigm shift in out attitudes and actions. In this Battlefield for our minds, we as Blacks have been so eloquently conditioned to believe from cradle to the grave the Deep State propaganda machine who have used their foot soldiers to keep order.  What have we learned from slavery, to the Black codes to the present day shenanigans in the Virtual Plantation? Without a doubt we are talented, spiritual and great as a people but we blindly follow the establishment narrative because we have Stockholm Syndrome with our plantation mentality. Now Stockholm Syndrome in this case is we as Black people have empathy, trust and are in love with our captors no matter how abusive the treatment received and continue to receive.  Now more harsh realities:
     (1)  Our own crab in a barrel syndrome, in-fighting, killing each other, unwillingness to support one another and not joining together is our own detriment.  We have not learned that everything they do they have an agenda and a goal in mind and that is it's always about the money.  (2)Believe this they are the masters of divide and conquer, the masters of game, misdirection and the Elite use their foot soldiers to get what they want.  They use Black against White, Rich against poor and their newest Black against Brown while they laugh all the way to the bank.  (3) We never learned from history because we believe and are so forgiving.  (4) We've been in bondage here in America since 1607, that's 400 years, they are not gonna change, as evidenced by everywhere America goes they are despised...Middle East, Far East, Africa, South America...IE... could it be our imperialist agenda in the name of democracy and big (5) Things are not going to change in fact things will get worse. (a) Crash and Burn for our economy (b) Technology rapidly changing with Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, and the new 5G Wireless networks will have the masses out of work of all races (6) We believe that God will help us if we just pray and believe, Wrong, God helps those who help themselves.FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, Faith is an action word.  GOD DID NOT GIVES US A SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT  OF POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND...We have to help ourselves. know that FEAR is just FAITH turned inside out. (7) The Black church by the way is an effective tool to keep Blacks down, ever wonder why during election white candidates flock to the Black church?  We even think Yahousha alias Jesus was passive that's not true.  He did not tolerate greed, injustice, hypocrisy, untruth.  In fact Jesus confronted the system head on.  He didn't sit quietly singing "We shall overcome", He regularly got in Pharisees and Sadducee's face, they thought He was a one man wrecking crew.  Didn't He organize the poor and the disenfranchised? didn't He mess with the Money Changers a Foreign Exchange Banker's System at the temple and called it a 'Den of Robbers"? He knew and saw first hand how during Passover they were using religion to rip off the people after which the Bible says IMMEDIATELY they plotted to have him killed.  Is that not a man unequivocally about His business unafraid to go against the status quo? (8) Haven't we learned that the White designed educational system is used to further their agenda as slave masters keeping us on the Virtual Plantation to further their imperialist agenda? The whole system is designed for you to work for someones else as opposed to learning how to make money work for you? (9)  We have allowed our children to be led astray (10) What do we care about? Shining, self centerness, carnality, the latest and greatest gadgets and cars? Which leads to this:
     If we go across America what do we as Blacks own? Look at all the tall skyscrapers across America in our cities we'd be hard pressed counting on both hands finding 10 buildings over three stories owned by Blacks.  What industries do we own? What do we manufacture? What do we produce? We don't produce anything, we are just consumers.  It's been said that Blacks in America have over $650 billion in purchasing power, but its all spread out, therefore it's a lie from the pits of hell and here's why.  Consumerism is a position of weakness.  The word consume means to be consumed, ate up since we do not produce products or services.  In the food chain we are like grass it ends with the Apex predator like Grizzly Bears, Lions and Killer Whales  the Whites who are the producers and we pay for these products and services.  Next up will explain how because of integration our purchasing power is diluted and not concentrated and how the Deep State did a great job on sales pitching on integration and how we sold out our own people in the grand scheme of things.

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