Monday, May 6, 2019


Our data will be the new oil of the 21st century. As promised disruptive technologies will be part of Internet 2.0 coming soon to your front door.  The three technologies are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and 5G wireless.  In my article THE WATCHERS I wrote about data mining and being in THE MATRIX and there is no escape.  These three technologies are made for each other.  Increasingly, data is being harvested from every aspect of our day-to-day lives. From our purchases to the number of steps we take to our sleep habits or Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat rants, it’s all being recorded. The information is then being used to advertise to us, to map our neighborhoods, make insurance claims, medical decisions, even to sway elections. This process of data extraction is only accelerating exponentially. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Chrome,Safari, Apple, Microsoft, You Tube, Instagram and Snapchat data is sold to the highest bidder.  Today our Data is a $220 billion business and growing.  That's why data is the new oil and new "Jed Clampett's" will be made.
     So why is it the new oil, Black gold, Texas Tea? Back in the 19th century oil was a natural resource that powered the industrial revolution, but our personal data will be the natural resource that powers the new industrial revolution by these three disruptive technologies.  Just like the oil and gas that are the core lubricants that power our car and truck engines our data will be the new core lubricant. This data will come from our phones, computers, cars, wearables, household appliances and electronics, everything will be connected to the Internet of things.  By us having to have the latest and greatest gadgets, they the powers that be will know everything about us and will be used for and against us, alias "The Mark" we will gladly take it because it will be marketed to us.
     This glut of data has led to intensified research into ways it can be processed, analyzed and acted upon.  At the core is machine learning and thinking like humans this is Artificial Intelligence simulating human behavior and the other is like robots that can do manual labor.  In industry, it is employed in the financial world for uses ranging from fraud detection to improving customer service by predicting what services customers will need, to bots buying and selling stocks. In manufacturing it is used to manage workforces and production processes as well as for predicting faults before they occur, therefore enabling predictive maintenance. In the consumer world more and more of the technology we are adopting into our everyday lives is becoming powered by AI – from smartphone assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant, to self-driving and autonomous cars.
     Everybody wants to know what is Blockchain.  Most people have heard of Bitcoin which is the first known application in the Blockchain space.  In it's simplest form blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer incorruptible database of computers over a global network that records transactions not by one central authority thereby every computer on the network can see changes in real time.  The distributed ledger technology has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record keeping.  Blockchain is poised to change IT, in much the same way as open source software like Linux and Unix did for computers and android software did for smart phones.  With Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain tied together whole organizations can be automated from beginning to end eliminating middlemen and human interference using smart contracts.  All using the new 5G wireless networks at breakneck speeds of up to 10,000mbps, which is more than 100 times faster than our current 4G networks plus they will have to ability to do intelligent routing which will connect the Internet of things.
     With all of this invasion of our privacy by the big gate keepers who have access to our conversations, pictures behavior patterns and search history. They can censor what you search and give you the results they want you to see because they are in cahoots with our government security agencies.  To combat some of this, use search engines like Duck Duck Go or Brave, which give you access to over 20 different encrypted search engines thereby giving you access to the Deep Web as opposed to surface browsers like Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.  They even have a way of paying you back in cryptocurrency. as opposed to those other clowns selling your data and getting money.
    The WORD says we should not be ignorant to satans devices, the law says there is no excuse for ignorance, but it's my work to shed light on these devices used by these demons walking around in the flesh.  You best believe they have a scheme and marching orders.  Technology will be used as a primary weapon. "The Revolution will be Televised" this time, we have to be "plug and play."

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