Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Remember the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast, which brought in a very distinct sound into hip hop.  It had the words " My baby don't mess around...Don't try to fight the feeling because the thought alone is killing me."  In the book " The Power of Habit" addresses how change make humans uncomfortable.  When "Hey Ya" first came out the sound was so radically different in the Hip Hop genre that it took a while before the song catchy lyrics and sound beat caught on to the masses.
     In the beginning everybody thought the Internet was a fraud.  Today everything is connected to the Internet and 80% of the world uses it.  What I'm saying is the mainstream has a very poor track of recognizing revolutionary technology.  The revolutionary technology is Blockchain.  Right now speculators have flooded Bitcoin and Altcoins getting in early to make a killing.  You need understand this is a form of digital currency but right now has wild price swings.  Bitcoin was formed because of distrust of government, so they will use Bitcoin and Altcoins as a store of value just like gold and silver.  With geopolitical tensions around the world the assets of Blockchain, gold and silver are starting to rise along with the US Dollar is weakening world governments ad economies.  Just like "Hey Ya" the new sound caught on to the masses, Blockchain has not reached the masses.  One barrier to mainstream acceptance is convenience and ease of use.
     Back in 2004 IT managers would have thought Microsoft software running on IBM PCs  was the in thing, they wouldn't have dreamed of using Apple products.  But Steve Jobs had a vision.  Remember when cell phones were big, bulky, heavy, dumb and hard to use and worked on radio frequency.  So what did Steve Jobs  do he decided to control and merge hardware and software applications together under one umbrella.  Apple zeroed in on a barrier to mainstream acceptance, convenience and ease of use.  Why do you use Apple IPhone?  Is it ease of use? Is it the Apple ecosystem? Why does Apple dominate? Is it because they control the hardware and software applications and all of their products tie together like IPhone, wearable watches, Ipads, Icloud, music and now Apple Pay which is a mobile pay system which eventually will blow the doors off of Apple products. Now people simply tap the NFC reader on their phone while touching the fingerprint reader and presto the product is bought.
     Well there is a old playa in the Blockchain altcoin arena that has a chance of mass adoption just like Apple has done. They are making things simple and convenient  and aims to solve everyday business issues.  The company is VeChain that has merged hardware and software in a suite called ToolChain.  ToolChain which will dramatically speed up the onboarding process across multiple types of industries without making Blockchain easy and convenient without having large IT staffs for businesses kinda like how easy Microsoft's Office does multiple tasks.  This concept is how Apple changed the smartphone arena.  Here's the kicker in this Blockchain space the hardware and software applications is open source where developers can do there own thing on Vechain network.  With this developers and large multinational corporations are leaving the Ethereum open source network in droves to come to Vechain Other players in the Altcoin space with disruptive technology space are Stellar Lumen, Ripple, EOS and of course Bitcoin.

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