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The Progressive Watchman: IT'S HERE THE CAMELS BACK BREAKS

The Progressive Watchman: IT'S HERE THE CAMELS BACK BREAKS: In the article "The Straw That Breaks The Camel Back" written July 24, 2018 I stated three contrarian opposite views different fro...


In the article "The Straw That Breaks The Camel Back" written July 24, 2018, I stated three contrarian opposite views different from the experts and establishment.  God knows the unrighteousness of men suppress the truth in unrighteousness therefore the so called wise became foolish in their thoughts. Don't you know God changes times and seasons, He deposes kings and raises up others.  He gives wisdom, knowledge and discernment to them that ask, seek and knock or have you forgotten. I stated 3 things that would happen.  1st thing I said the U.S. Dollar which is common share of the USA would continue to rise at that time it was around $95 today it's floating around $98. 2nd I said that Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrencies/Blockchain would take off in tandem with the US Dollar's rise.  At time of writing Bitcoin was around $3,500 today at $8,800.  Gold and Silver are simmering before the eruption takes place, in July 2018 gold was at $1175 now around $1280.
     An eruption upwards of these asset classes are about to take place within the next 60 days.  Why? because big money is not going to sit back and let their money go down the drain, they will be looking to move their money to safety with higher returns, because unlike us they don't trust the knuckleheads in any parties in government in any country to ever do the right thing, and they unlike us know paper money is corrupted. They also know that the largest central banks in the World which are the FED, Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank in Europe and The Bank of China have lost control of the Bond markets and emerging markets, including all governments whether International, Federal, state, local are broke.  They also know Trickle Down economics, or Austerity the European version of Trickle down does not work.  See the banks get free money, instead of loaning it out they gamble it in different markets, our Corporations bought back shares internally to raise their stock and the stock markets rose, then the Wall Street boyz and Banks used trading bots using Artificial Intelligence to control market prices. Why do you keep getting taxed to the gill? Why do police write tickets like there's no tomorrow?  See there is no such thing as free anything, that's why Socialism will not work, throughout history cycles come and go. What's coming is another down cycle the signs are all over in different indicators, this time greater than the Great Depression.
     Have you ever researched why Bitcoin was created?  Two days ago I stated that oil is smelling something, usually the stock market and oil run together.  Oil has broken downward support and I expect the stock market and the general economy to roll over soon.  I see a big dip in the Blockchain marketplace sometime in June.  Don't get scared buy the dip, scared money doesn't make money.
     By year end Bitcoin/Cryptos/Blockchain, Gold and Silver will be at all time highs based upon Fibonacci math formulas.  The establishment has kept gold and silver down by manipulation, but no more the camels back has been broken.  Another thing the upside on real estate is over the balloon has busted, values will fall 40%.  It's gonna be some deals for those who have guts in that marketplace.  Why? Just like in the days of Noah, nobody believed Noah when he said it was going to rain or John the Baptist who said prepare ye the way.  Being a Watchman is not for the feint of heart, the message unpopular falling on deaf and itching ears, but I cannot sit idly on my couch and be quiet to what I discern. what's coming is the last shall be first, and the first last. 
     A leveling of the playing field is about to take place a new era is about to take place, Fear is about to take over, don't be discouraged, put your FAITH AND A SOUND MIND INTO ACTION.  GOD helps those who helps themselves.  Get out of debt, don't take on anymore debt, a cash flow problem is about to explode exponentially upwards for those that are in debt. including our governments, they cannot help, and will not be your friend in fact they will make things worst.  Pastors get ready the people will start to flock for sanctuary, many will have no money. How will you help? These are times like no other, the shaking has begun the camels back is broken, get ready, get ready, get ready the trumpet has sounded even if you can't hear or see it or feel it.  This is "The Calm Before The Waves Overtake Us."Written March 26,2018

The Progressive Watchman: WE'VE FALLEN AND WE CAN'T GET UP :PART 2

The Progressive Watchman: WE'VE FALLEN AND WE CAN'T GET UP :PART 2: Back in the day when I was pledging a fraternity and you actually pledged and didn't pay money to join a fraternity, one thing stuck wit...


Back in the day when I was pledging a fraternity and you actually pledged and didn't pay money to join a fraternity, one thing stuck with me besides our four cardinal principals which are Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift.  We learned a poem about excuses.  It went like this; "Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments of nothingness' and those who use them seldom specialize in anything else."  WOW how profound.  I know most of you are gonna say we can't get up because the white man has his foot firmly planted  on our throats.  That's an excuse, or a stronghold in our minds.  We must know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, and know that they the Deep State are liars, cheaters, murderers, destroyers and heart breakers from the beginning, there is no truth in them.  Since we know these things and they have an agenda in everything they do.  In Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" He states to know your enemy you must become your enemy and we must attack the enemy's strategy. They gave Blacks integration they had a covert agenda and misdirection play just like in football.
     The agenda is about their imperialist agenda, it's always about the money and who controls it.  With integration we willingly gave away our power, economically, socially and politically.  With integrations we no longer controlled our money economically.  When we were segregated in our own communities the velocity of money circulated within our own community over and over again.  That means money kept circulating within the community.  Most ethnic groups have their own ethnic communities like the Chinese, Koreans, Jewish, Polish, Italians, Russians and Mexicans and the velocity of their money and circulation of their money stays within their own ethnic community. Back in the day in our own communities we controlled our own natural resources and unnatural resources.  Slavery was all about controlling a valuable resource Black People.  That's what the Black Codes were about a new Virtual Plantation setting.  A controlled resource is alike a dam that holds back water, the water behind the dam is very still that's Black people.  During segregation our communities flourished, we had Black banks, insurance companies, restaurants, barber and beauty shops, grocery and retail stores, theatres, we even controlled our educational system, with segregation we were a chain that was strong and not a weak link that could be easily broken.  With integration we moved from our flourishing communities and now today 95% of our income is spent at white owned businesses, thereby diluting our strength.  Now we let every other ethnic group come into our communities and siphon off the little money that is in our communities after Black Flight. Let me ask this can we go into their communities and open up a business? No we can't. Do they want us in their neighborhoods? No they don't. The Deep State has done a masterful job in dehumanizing Black people.  Yet we can't wait to sing ring around the rosey with them...lol...One untapped resource we have in our communities is our large Black Mega Churches and little churches that take millions of dollars to white owned banks every weekend.  Why can't they start a Black owned bank, bet they have competent bankers in their congregations that control billions for white owned banks.  Even though we have made economic strides our population has increased to 44 million or 14.2% of the population and Black businesses have continued to grow, Black businesses only account for 1% of total business revenues.  Since we don't produce wealth and goods and services and don't understand how to make money work for us we have to go out and beg for jobs, therefore how can whites respect us if we are consumers of money and not producers of wealth which is the only thing whites understand.
   Next up in our quest for equality was the Civil Rights Legislation of 1964.  This legislation was already given to us in the 13th,14th and 15th amendments.  This legislation was supposed to be for Black people only.  The racist President Johnson from Texas spoke into the atmosphere and said " after I pass this legislation, I'll have those Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years." Next thing that happened was a complete farce, we diluted our power by letting others  like white women come under our civil rights legislation.  Now white women get 75% of government set aside contracts which was supposed to be for Black businesses.  Frankly, there is no way that white women are a minority. Let's define minority, a minority is a culturally, ethnically, or racially distinct group within a larger population that has advantages. Where in this definition describes a white woman, yet they are. Now knowing this definition there is no way that a white woman is a minority.  They are married to a white man the money stays home.  Another tactic is white women are used as a front person in a company, but in reality the firms backers are actually white men and money stays home.  So in effect our government whether Democrat or Republican pulled the woolly over Blacks in the name of liberalism.  Liberalism is a political doctrine that believes the government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed in effect they think they are like gods who think they know what's right for us which does more harm then good. Another question since the start of Liberalism what has changed in the last 50 years? Again it's about the money in fact follow the money trail their actions will tell their true intent.
     Next up, Blacks are now the 3rd ranked ethnic group because Mexicans have now surpassed the Black population here in America.  Because we gave away our power from the Civil Rights Legislation of 1964 they are now in play for set aside monies also. Another thing that Blacks do, when huge projects come up, instead of doing cooperative joint ventures like whites and Hispanics do, we won't ban together because of shining and crabs in a barrel syndrome to take on the project.  Then we go and complain we don't get a fair shake.   WOW!!! Another thing that President Johnson did with the Civil Rights Legislation was start the so called Great Society but in reality a welfare state to remove the Black man from the home by giving welfare which is another form of dependent virtual slavery.  So instead of focusing on Black male employment the welfare state focused on removing the Black man from his family, and a cause and effect was rising out of control out of wedlock births.  Since a Black Man's or any man's worth is his ability to earn, Black men now complain that Brown Men are taking their work, when in fact when you try and give them work they say it's not enough money or the project is to small and they just walk away.  Simple math states little plus little plus little equals big. One last business strategy is we can't beat them the whites at their game, one strategy should be take on stuff they don't want to do, build your reputation and cash flow, once that happens they will come looking for you then you join them then you reach down and bring another up. In the end integration caused individualism where we as a people are fragmented economically, politically and socially.  We also must recognize that whites were forced to integrate, when you force something like passing laws its really not in their heart for integration this is what we get as opposed to voluntary integration a win situation occurs for all people involved. If it's voluntary we can get up if it's involuntary we can't get up it's physics for every action it's a equal and opposite reaction. Next up our educational system and how we are taught indoctrination to assimilate into their imperialist agenda.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: WE'VE FALLEN AND WE CAN'T GET UP PART 1

The Progressive Watchman: WE'VE FALLEN AND WE CAN'T GET UP PART 1: "I've fallen and I can't get up" is a famous line in a commercial from Life Alert a medical alert system that provides eme...


"I've fallen and I can't get up" is a famous line in a commercial from Life Alert a medical alert system that provides emergency help 24/7 even if you can't reach a phone.  It's 2019 we as Blacks have fallen and we can't get up.  We've gone from the physical plantation to a Virtual Plantation of the mind. In Romans 12:2, Paul states we need to renew our minds, and not be conformed to this world.  Therefore we need a paradigm shift in out attitudes and actions. In this Battlefield for our minds, we as Blacks have been so eloquently conditioned to believe from cradle to the grave the Deep State propaganda machine who have used their foot soldiers to keep order.  What have we learned from slavery, to the Black codes to the present day shenanigans in the Virtual Plantation? Without a doubt we are talented, spiritual and great as a people but we blindly follow the establishment narrative because we have Stockholm Syndrome with our plantation mentality. Now Stockholm Syndrome in this case is we as Black people have empathy, trust and are in love with our captors no matter how abusive the treatment received and continue to receive.  Now more harsh realities:
     (1)  Our own crab in a barrel syndrome, in-fighting, killing each other, unwillingness to support one another and not joining together is our own detriment.  We have not learned that everything they do they have an agenda and a goal in mind and that is it's always about the money.  (2)Believe this they are the masters of divide and conquer, the masters of game, misdirection and the Elite use their foot soldiers to get what they want.  They use Black against White, Rich against poor and their newest Black against Brown while they laugh all the way to the bank.  (3) We never learned from history because we believe and are so forgiving.  (4) We've been in bondage here in America since 1607, that's 400 years, they are not gonna change, as evidenced by everywhere America goes they are despised...Middle East, Far East, Africa, South America...IE... could it be our imperialist agenda in the name of democracy and big guns...lol (5) Things are not going to change in fact things will get worse. (a) Crash and Burn for our economy (b) Technology rapidly changing with Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, and the new 5G Wireless networks will have the masses out of work of all races (6) We believe that God will help us if we just pray and believe, Wrong, God helps those who help themselves.FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD, Faith is an action word.  GOD DID NOT GIVES US A SPIRIT OF FEAR BUT  OF POWER, LOVE AND A SOUND MIND...We have to help ourselves. know that FEAR is just FAITH turned inside out. (7) The Black church by the way is an effective tool to keep Blacks down, ever wonder why during election white candidates flock to the Black church?  We even think Yahousha alias Jesus was passive that's not true.  He did not tolerate greed, injustice, hypocrisy, untruth.  In fact Jesus confronted the system head on.  He didn't sit quietly singing "We shall overcome", He regularly got in Pharisees and Sadducee's face, they thought He was a one man wrecking crew.  Didn't He organize the poor and the disenfranchised? didn't He mess with the Money Changers a Foreign Exchange Banker's System at the temple and called it a 'Den of Robbers"? He knew and saw first hand how during Passover they were using religion to rip off the people after which the Bible says IMMEDIATELY they plotted to have him killed.  Is that not a man unequivocally about His business unafraid to go against the status quo? (8) Haven't we learned that the White designed educational system is used to further their agenda as slave masters keeping us on the Virtual Plantation to further their imperialist agenda? The whole system is designed for you to work for someones else as opposed to learning how to make money work for you? (9)  We have allowed our children to be led astray (10) What do we care about? Shining, self centerness, carnality, the latest and greatest gadgets and cars? Which leads to this:
     If we go across America what do we as Blacks own? Look at all the tall skyscrapers across America in our cities we'd be hard pressed counting on both hands finding 10 buildings over three stories owned by Blacks.  What industries do we own? What do we manufacture? What do we produce? We don't produce anything, we are just consumers.  It's been said that Blacks in America have over $650 billion in purchasing power, but its all spread out, therefore it's a lie from the pits of hell and here's why.  Consumerism is a position of weakness.  The word consume means to be consumed, ate up since we do not produce products or services.  In the food chain we are like grass it ends with the Apex predator like Grizzly Bears, Lions and Killer Whales  the Whites who are the producers and we pay for these products and services.  Next up will explain how because of integration our purchasing power is diluted and not concentrated and how the Deep State did a great job on sales pitching on integration and how we sold out our own people in the grand scheme of things.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Progressive Watchman: INTERNET 2.0 OUR DATA THE NEW OIL

The Progressive Watchman: INTERNET 2.0 OUR DATA THE NEW OIL: Our data will be the new oil of the 21st century. As promised disruptive technologies will be part of Internet 2.0 coming soon to your front...

The Progressive Watchman: "HEY YA" THE NEW WAVE

The Progressive Watchman: "HEY YA" THE NEW WAVE: Remember the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast, which brought in a very distinct sound into hip hop.  It had the words " My baby don&#...


Remember the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast, which brought in a very distinct sound into hip hop.  It had the words " My baby don't mess around...Don't try to fight the feeling because the thought alone is killing me."  In the book " The Power of Habit" addresses how change make humans uncomfortable.  When "Hey Ya" first came out the sound was so radically different in the Hip Hop genre that it took a while before the song catchy lyrics and sound beat caught on to the masses.
     In the beginning everybody thought the Internet was a fraud.  Today everything is connected to the Internet and 80% of the world uses it.  What I'm saying is the mainstream has a very poor track of recognizing revolutionary technology.  The revolutionary technology is Blockchain.  Right now speculators have flooded Bitcoin and Altcoins getting in early to make a killing.  You need understand this is a form of digital currency but right now has wild price swings.  Bitcoin was formed because of distrust of government, so they will use Bitcoin and Altcoins as a store of value just like gold and silver.  With geopolitical tensions around the world the assets of Blockchain, gold and silver are starting to rise along with the US Dollar is weakening world governments ad economies.  Just like "Hey Ya" the new sound caught on to the masses, Blockchain has not reached the masses.  One barrier to mainstream acceptance is convenience and ease of use.
     Back in 2004 IT managers would have thought Microsoft software running on IBM PCs  was the in thing, they wouldn't have dreamed of using Apple products.  But Steve Jobs had a vision.  Remember when cell phones were big, bulky, heavy, dumb and hard to use and worked on radio frequency.  So what did Steve Jobs  do he decided to control and merge hardware and software applications together under one umbrella.  Apple zeroed in on a barrier to mainstream acceptance, convenience and ease of use.  Why do you use Apple IPhone?  Is it ease of use? Is it the Apple ecosystem? Why does Apple dominate? Is it because they control the hardware and software applications and all of their products tie together like IPhone, wearable watches, Ipads, Icloud, music and now Apple Pay which is a mobile pay system which eventually will blow the doors off of Apple products. Now people simply tap the NFC reader on their phone while touching the fingerprint reader and presto the product is bought.
     Well there is a old playa in the Blockchain altcoin arena that has a chance of mass adoption just like Apple has done. They are making things simple and convenient  and aims to solve everyday business issues.  The company is VeChain that has merged hardware and software in a suite called ToolChain.  ToolChain which will dramatically speed up the onboarding process across multiple types of industries without making Blockchain easy and convenient without having large IT staffs for businesses kinda like how easy Microsoft's Office does multiple tasks.  This concept is how Apple changed the smartphone arena.  Here's the kicker in this Blockchain space the hardware and software applications is open source where developers can do there own thing on Vechain network.  With this developers and large multinational corporations are leaving the Ethereum open source network in droves to come to Vechain Other players in the Altcoin space with disruptive technology space are Stellar Lumen, Ripple, EOS and of course Bitcoin.

Monday, May 6, 2019


Our data will be the new oil of the 21st century. As promised disruptive technologies will be part of Internet 2.0 coming soon to your front door.  The three technologies are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and 5G wireless.  In my article THE WATCHERS I wrote about data mining and being in THE MATRIX and there is no escape.  These three technologies are made for each other.  Increasingly, data is being harvested from every aspect of our day-to-day lives. From our purchases to the number of steps we take to our sleep habits or Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat rants, it’s all being recorded. The information is then being used to advertise to us, to map our neighborhoods, make insurance claims, medical decisions, even to sway elections. This process of data extraction is only accelerating exponentially. Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Chrome,Safari, Apple, Microsoft, You Tube, Instagram and Snapchat data is sold to the highest bidder.  Today our Data is a $220 billion business and growing.  That's why data is the new oil and new "Jed Clampett's" will be made.
     So why is it the new oil, Black gold, Texas Tea? Back in the 19th century oil was a natural resource that powered the industrial revolution, but our personal data will be the natural resource that powers the new industrial revolution by these three disruptive technologies.  Just like the oil and gas that are the core lubricants that power our car and truck engines our data will be the new core lubricant. This data will come from our phones, computers, cars, wearables, household appliances and electronics, everything will be connected to the Internet of things.  By us having to have the latest and greatest gadgets, they the powers that be will know everything about us and will be used for and against us, alias "The Mark" we will gladly take it because it will be marketed to us.
     This glut of data has led to intensified research into ways it can be processed, analyzed and acted upon.  At the core is machine learning and thinking like humans this is Artificial Intelligence simulating human behavior and the other is like robots that can do manual labor.  In industry, it is employed in the financial world for uses ranging from fraud detection to improving customer service by predicting what services customers will need, to bots buying and selling stocks. In manufacturing it is used to manage workforces and production processes as well as for predicting faults before they occur, therefore enabling predictive maintenance. In the consumer world more and more of the technology we are adopting into our everyday lives is becoming powered by AI – from smartphone assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Assistant, to self-driving and autonomous cars.
     Everybody wants to know what is Blockchain.  Most people have heard of Bitcoin which is the first known application in the Blockchain space.  In it's simplest form blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer incorruptible database of computers over a global network that records transactions not by one central authority thereby every computer on the network can see changes in real time.  The distributed ledger technology has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record keeping.  Blockchain is poised to change IT, in much the same way as open source software like Linux and Unix did for computers and android software did for smart phones.  With Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain tied together whole organizations can be automated from beginning to end eliminating middlemen and human interference using smart contracts.  All using the new 5G wireless networks at breakneck speeds of up to 10,000mbps, which is more than 100 times faster than our current 4G networks plus they will have to ability to do intelligent routing which will connect the Internet of things.
     With all of this invasion of our privacy by the big gate keepers who have access to our conversations, pictures behavior patterns and search history. They can censor what you search and give you the results they want you to see because they are in cahoots with our government security agencies.  To combat some of this, use search engines like Duck Duck Go or Brave, which give you access to over 20 different encrypted search engines thereby giving you access to the Deep Web as opposed to surface browsers like Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.  They even have a way of paying you back in cryptocurrency. as opposed to those other clowns selling your data and getting money.
    The WORD says we should not be ignorant to satans devices, the law says there is no excuse for ignorance, but it's my work to shed light on these devices used by these demons walking around in the flesh.  You best believe they have a scheme and marching orders.  Technology will be used as a primary weapon. "The Revolution will be Televised" this time, we have to be "plug and play."