Tuesday, March 5, 2019


"The Revolution Will Not be Televised" was written and performed by Gil Scott Heron in 1971.  This song talks about the ways that revolutionary thought has been hi-jacked by the main stream media even during those times, today we can include social media giants Facebook, Google, Instagram included in their " Wag The Dog" ways. Some lines from his song: "You will not be able to stay home...You will not be able to plug in, tune in or drop out...the revolution WILL put you in the driver's seat...the revolution will be live."
     Does it seem strange or odd that during the greatest so called economic growth period with so called 3.5% unemployment and GDP over 2.5 expansion over the last decade that almost 40% of adults still live at home with their parents...That 30% of grown people have more credit card debt than savings.  That the number of seniors going bankrupt has tripled as well as the number of homeless seniors as exploded.  That young men and women are flocking to socialism and espousing radical talk and actions. That hard drug abuse is so high across all economic, social and racial types.  What about our political system where neither party accepts election results or cares to work with each other. There used to be a time when one spouse could work 40 hours a week and support their family, turn 60 with a full pension not a 401K.  Now it takes two spouses working 40 hours apiece and maybe they are able to make ends meet.  Used to be our kids could get a decent job out of high school, then they could really come up if they went to college.  Now between student loan debt, high car payments, high auto and health insurance  and high housing costs a degree is no longer the ticket it used to be. Unemployment is supposed to be at 3.5%, yep it is for jobs paying between $10 - $17 per hour.
     What about our high tech companies bringing semi-skilled H1-B Visa immigrants to America in droves instead of hiring kids from our colleges and universities.  No wonder there are tensions in this country.  What about the divide and conquer strategies of rich against poor, racial division strategies of the elites. Our middle class is shrinking, wages stagnated while everything is going up around us.  An example is I shop at Kroger's, I used to get a 16oz bag of frozen veggies for $1, now the bag shrunk to 10oz for $1 a staggering 60% increase by the manufacturer, bet your wages haven't gone up 60%. What about the rising costs of health care and housing or bad trade deals by the globalist that transferred millions of jobs overseas.   "The Revolution will not be televised with all the facades behind the curtains surely I can see why there is so much resentment and anger in America.
     The dirty secret is the fox in the hen house alias the big banks and Wall Street.  Thomas Jefferson wrote " If the American people ever allow private banks to control and issue of their currency first by inflation then by deflation, the banks and corporations around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless."..So eventually they get Tricky Dick Nixon to remove the gold backing our dollar.  Then the Federal Reserve who actually owns our government junkies is able to produce dollars out of thin air and export our dollar which is the reserve currency of the world and is attached to all asset classes all over the world by issuing debt and credit all over the world, in effect all jobs and money have gone overseas.  Then our government leaders started feeling bad and they started entitlement programs to make up for the stagnate wages and out of control medical and housing costs, if you look back that's when our divorce rate went up with the rise of the feminist movement because now women is making money too, consequently birth rates declined.  Now the whole system is built on a Ponzi scheme, it's simple math declining birth rate plus living longer the whole system on credit and debt, now there's not cash flow to support the debt.   So by hook are crook those in power are now using tyranny and plundering to stay in power. Eventually Pop Goes the Weasel, this time The Revolution Will be Televised in live and living color.

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