Tuesday, March 19, 2019


I remember back in the day I used to watch Bugs Bunny and the overture was this " Hit the lights, no more rehearsing or nursing a part we know every part by heart...and oh what heights we'll hit on with the show this is it."  Oh Mr Watchman why are you saying this?  The Yellow Vest movement will soon be here in America, you just don't see it yet because the god of this world satan and his cronies have blinded you unbelievers lest you see it with your own eyes, better yet we have the blind leading the blind alias the Pied Piper
    So what is the Yellow Vest Movement, it is now the will of the people in Europe that is tired and fed up with the "diminishing standard of living in the name of socialism that justifies endless taxation."  The movement is now turning revolutionary as the French government and other Euro countries thinks if they ignore them they will go away.  Not going to happen with 30% unemployment and ever increasing taxation on every sector of the economy.  The rich have left with their money, that's why tax the rich won't work. Meanwhile Germany the strongest state in the Eurozone as slipped into recession as contagion spreads in the Euro zone.   While here in America we are still the prettiest girl at the dance but wait socialism under the guise of the new economic theory of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) has crept here in America that the government has unlimited money to print and spend is utter hogwash.
     Eventually as more and more baby Boomers retire our ponzi scheme will show that's it's not enough workers to cash flow our system through taxation and the Yellow Vest movement will hit here in America in 2020 as our youth rise up first which start from our colleges, social media and through the music they listen to then finally out to the streets.  It's also no help that underemployment, excessive debt, high healthcare, high housing costs bringing on delayed life goals they will question how we the American people have been sold a bill of goods by the  globalist Wall Street, bankers and the Deep State as they have ravaged our country by sending jobs overseas in the name of profits, excessive military spending and their divide and conquer schemes.  Next the revolution will be televised because the weapons of their warfare will be carnal for pulling down their perceived strongholds on their lives as the gods of this world has blinded them, stay tuned it's here next.

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