Saturday, January 12, 2019


The news media and Trump whole narrative is about the wall.  Before I go any further its a crime that 800,000 lives are being used as pawns on a chess board by our so called elected leaders in Washington DC.  Both the Democratic and Republican party's including the President are in full blown spin control spouting out their narratives about who is right and who is wrong.  In the meantime our elected leaders can give a rats tail about everyday people, some are working with no pay, some are at the crib in the meantime bills are piling up, do your creditors care about your situation? I don't thing so.  It's funny all the congressional people and the POTUS are still getting paid.  Both the POTUS and Congress look real stupid, what type of role models do we have leading our country?  Better yet maybe we the American people are real stupid for electing and keep electing theses BOZO the Clowns.
     Back to immigration.  There is another  immigration not being talked about or written about, the H1-B Visa Program because it's corporate sponsored. Again follow the money, this program comes with payoffs galore  to our Congressional members by fat greedy flesh peddlers. This program started in 1990. Way more immigrants come into America taking higher paying American jobs  than Mexicans taking jobs that Americans will not work anymore.  It goes like this.  In countries like India and China that have high poor populations and over a billion people with non tracking relational databases like we have in the USA, American and British Flesh Peddlers find people in India and China who scrape up money to pay a fee to register with US legal firms to get placed in the H1-B Visa Program in addition companies also pay a head hunting fee also between $1,600 and $64,000 to get workers at 25% of what American workers make.  Follow the money, it's always about the money!!!  American tech workers are then displaced by cheaper labor from India and China.  HERE IS THE KICKER, these H1-B Visa workers lie and falsify background, education and work experience...NONE of their work experience can be validated by the  counter offshore party supplying the so called talent.  So what American companies get is semi skilled workers who learn on the job cheaply.  Therefore a win for globalist agenda and a slap in the face to us the gullible American people.  These people are really not qualified.  Here's something else, it's funny that they supposedly have advanced degrees but Universities in America will not accept advanced degrees from India and China nor will American civil and mechanical engineering firms.
     Under the H1-B program, if sponsorship is 1 year or more they can bring their spouse and children and extended family over which they do.  Then after the assignment is complete they do not return home but over stay their VISA.   Companies like GOOGLE have a history of doubling and tripling down on this Program every year.  Why? does management care? No, its about cost and stock valuation and a lie they that they can't find enough workers here in the USA to fill their vacancies....LIARS PANTS on FIRE!!!  Here is another kick in the pants H1-B employers are EXEMPTED for the requirements that US workers  be recruited 1st under the Protect and Grow American Jobs Act (HR 170).  I almost forgot none of these figures include the outsourcing of work offshore by American companies paying minuscule wages in other countries. So in reality since 1990 a min of 85,000 to a high of 230,00 workers come in annually even though the law has 65,000 guidelines.   See Money talks and the law doesn't apply,,,some of y'all will get it. Don't forget the number doesn't include spouses, children and extended family members.  Now the states mostly benefiting from this program or California, Texas, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts.   While most Mexicans are in California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico, here's a hint to history buffs the Mexicans are taking back what was taken from them the states of CA, TX, AZ and NM. 
     Now if Hispanics from these states are forced or kept out then the economies of these states will start to falter.  Also bare in mind there are strict employer laws like E-Verify  that impose harsh penalties on employers who hire illegals including heavy fines and going to jail.  Follow the money and who benefits? think about it? Also the other idiom is tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. So what's the real deal, Mexican, Central American, South American all lumped in as Mexicans and Indian and Chinese peoples are trying to get a better life and so are Blacks Hispanics and Whites here in America.  Here's an example, on Jan 08, 2019 headline is "An Indian Company announced 63,000 job openings...19 million people applied"  This was the railway system in India for basic and menial positions, what's this saying the country maybe growing but isn't generating enough jobs for its educated young populace.   
     Trump has to be careful he barks a lot but he is no match for whats behind the Deep State curtain, he may be good in business but the rules in Washington are different.  The Deep State gave us the Patriot Act and routinely sneak in stuff we are not aware of an example is lowering the limits of wiring money from $10,000 to $3,000 for individuals and never said a word said is a classic end around, sleight of hand maneuver.  Rule #1 in politics always promise one thing but deliver the opposite..IE...The Patriot Act= Authoritarian Act which means they do what they want and call it National Security.  The E-Verify Act has been extended to a hosts of other laws.  Like renting a apartment and the elimination of cash, thereby the government getting their greedy hands on all money in effect they want to control everything. 
     Will a wall work? Maybe? but we already have a wall it called Papers Please!, there was also a story in San Diego this week where CNN wanted a story about a fence they put up, and when border patrol and local authorities reported that it slowed down border traffic , CNN refused to air the story.  See they report what's beneficial to them or what they want us the American people to know.  Trump's real problem is his mouth, he offends everybody, even if he has a good idea he will be opposed  because politics has degenerated  to such an extent that it's no longer about what is best for the country. It just opposes the opposition at all costs.  Here's something else to think about the wall keeps people out of the country but it also keeps Americans in the country.  Think about The Berlin Wall, The Great Wall of China and other walls.  Walls are about control study your history.  Now the wall is also about the cashless society and drug flows, y'all just don't know when the economy implodes and other false flag events are unfolded the Mark of the Beast using the One World Order imposed by Satan's cronies is about to unfold,,,we ain't seen nothing yet, because tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth...the liars and deceivers are in overdrive ole foolish Americans it's almost checkmate.


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