Monday, January 14, 2019


Dilemma is defined as "a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more alternatives especially undesirable ones."  Here's the dilemma, over the last two years , I have been sharing very sobering warnings.  The Watchman's task is to tear down dark strongholds of deception and relay and forewarn information of what is coming. How many will listen or read the message given? Not many. 
     One excuse is how the information is presented its too long.  Another excuse is the message should be short like marketing bullet points to grab the audiences attention. Then what are excuses: "Excuses are monuments of nothingness, They build bridges to nowhere, Those of us who use these tools of incompetence, Seldom become anything but nothing at all.”  Typical of today's microwave generation, the itching ears crowd.  Today's peoples deny's the information if it didn't come from CNN, NBC, FOX, their favorite news outlet, including Facebook, Instagram, the newspaper or that the information did not come over the pulpit from their pastor.  Know this people, the Deep State has been running game called "Wag The Dog" since the beginning, they know the masses are like sheep for they the Deep State also ascribe to the PT Barnum theory.
    What I will do is keep showing you the signs because they are all over the place. Prime example if you see it getting dark in the west, with the wind stating to blow harder you know bad weather is approaching and you need to prepare.  Back in August of 2017 I told you the eclipse was a sign, then the two Super Moons brought in 2018 with one of them turning into a rare Blood Red Moon.   Now we will have another Super Blue Moon that will turn into another rare Blood Red Moon on January 19,2019 another sign.  What;s coming next is going to effect many people and will involve many segments of society on a worldwide basis.  Why? because the majority of people are in a slumber and denial.  The spirit of doubt, itching ears, microwave attention deficits syndrome is here in the atmosphere.
    Despite this dilemma my work must continue, and will not be shortened, some of you will read and take heed, believe and act, most will not because they don't believe in discernment or other spiritual gifts and will continue to be led astray by the dark powers unleashed upon us to control our natural minds.  Believe me they have a well thought out executed prepared plan with contingencies  to keep us divided on multiple fronts. In other parts of the world the sleeping factions are waking up and rising up it will spread here too, like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, how long not long, get ready, get ready, get ready.


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