Friday, December 7, 2018


Over the last two years I've been giving some sobering warnings of approaching events. It started getting stronger after the eclipse of August 2017 and the back to back super blue rare moons with the last one turning into a blood red moon and also the vision I had of "The Calm Before The Waves Overtake Us" and "The Flood".  The spirit of doubt and unbelief is running rampant,  Satan is the prince of the air.  Who is Satan, the movies depicted him as evil, but the Bible says he is an angel of light who is cunning, a liar a cheater and deceiver.  Think about this if he entered Judas who walked with Jesus everyday, what else do you think he can do?

As a Watchman my biggest challenge is the spirit of apostasy, shinning and unbelief that I can actually discern future events.   Again I'm not a prophet but a watchman, Taking prophetic out of the equation, it's simple math which most of us don't know and understand that 1+ 1=2 not 3 and how events can be tied together and inter-related .  People often ask who are you? What makes you qualified?  My answer is that the Bible states in the last days even the elect would be fooled and God would confound the wise.  In spite of what you believe, what you see and what you hear  the events of chaos , violence and collapse is around the corner, how soon very soon.  There are various reasons why you don't believe the Watchman:
1. Erroneous theology that denies spiritual gifts
2, Unbelief and doubt of the messenger
3. Hardness of the heart
4. Spiritual blindness and hearing
5. Deception
6. Spirit of jealousy, shinning, proudfulness, arrogance, lustfulness and disobedience

The Watchman's job is to be a lookout, relay the message to what they see.  In relaying the information there may be strongholds through deception, pride and arrogance.  See the natural mind of man denies messages because of Willful blindness and Normalcy bias  and the message did not come from their pastor who they think is God's only representative.  Jesus warned us how deception would take place and reiterated in multiple books in the Bible.  Back in the Old Testament the prophet Jeremiah said to the false prophet Hananiah, " the Lord has not sent you, but you make the people trust in a lie" (Jeremiah 29:15),,. Deep deception and manipulation is very powerful and convincing.  The old adage of "tell a lie long enough it become the truth" or the Chinese saying " A fish rots from the head down" Ole foolish Americans who has bewitched you.  We have become bewitched, bamboozled and led astray.  It's too late now the dye has been cast, many will fall astray and be swallowed up as wave after wave will keep engulfing our nation and the world nations.  All I can leave you now is advice, either take heed or perish, maximum pain is coming greater than the Great Depression.  Another sign is another super blue moon turning into a blood red moon will be here in January 2019 is another sign as well as everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

The news media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and FOX will blame Trump for the economic reset, then the spirit of violence will erupt in our country, but what we don't understand is seeds that have been planted are now sprouting in addition the Tares will overtake the Wheat.  If we go back and listen to President Tweet Tweet when he was running for office he said we were in an economic bubble, Let me also say this no president has the power we think they have, they are actually emperors who have no clothes on.   Now I  know President Tweet Tweet has faults   even his tariffs with China are misguided which is a zero sum game as a pawn in a much larger game that has been played before ie The Great Depression.  Now Newton's three laws of physics have taken hold and they are: 1.  every object stays in a constant state till an external force comes upon it. 2. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. and 3. Weight times mass times acceleration has taken hold of things.

I ask this did Trump or any other president cause the greedy run up in the real estate market all over the world, did he cause you and business corporations  to run up debt spending like there is no tomorrow where cash flows are not sufficient enough to pay off debt, and now it feels like there is a big ball and chain while you are climbing a ladder all over the world.  Did he cause the huge Euro banks like Deutsche Bank who are up against the ropes about to get TKO'd with people with money flooding our country with their money.  Oil is smelling something, three months ago oil was at $77.50 and now trading under $50 a 40% drop is signaling a worldwide recession or depression is around the corner.  What about OPEC breaking up?  What about multiple countries in South America failing  no wonder people marching here to the USA...Think they looking for opportunities too? Did you know GM and GE laying off tens of thousands?  Asset bubbles are popping all over the world. What about the 535 bickering Teflon congress people who all point at one person do they have some blame, in math 535 is greater than 1 but if you follow the money it's really the 535 have a greater impact than one.  Eventually the manipulators get what they want one world currency and  one world government...You know Hitler came on the scene in times like what's around the corner y'all need to study history.

All I can say is prepare for the worst.  Proverbs 6:6-8 talks about how ants prepare for bad times  yet we are supposed to have intelligence but our Willful Blindness and Normalcy Bias  gets in our ways well a some of us have Stockholm Syndrome.  So here is some practical advise all you people of little faith and no works.  1.  Stay close to God at all times, keep your spiritual eyes and ears open to what is really going on.  2, Understand the spirit of division and the types of division being used which I have written about before which is the manipulators favorite strategy.  3. Try and get out of debt, cut out any unnecessary spending. 4. Create alliances with like minded people and have a plan when the SHTF and chaos and violence erupts.  5.  Do not be fearful but understand Faith without works is dead, Faith is just the starting point. 6.  Know and understand that Satan uses the Deep State and the manipulators know history and understand human behavior , they know the masses will act, so they will engineer the desired outcome they want to achieve their goals.  They will set the problem, cause a reaction  and then bring on the solution.  Hitler did the same thing under similar circumstances.  Are you part of the 90% who are followers or the 10% who are critical thinkers?

In the end I pray that the eyes of your understanding be enlightened , that you may know the hope of His calling and that you put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil and his cronies.  May God bless you and keep you may His continuance shine upon you and give you peace as  the waves start beating against us  the trumpet has sounded.

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