Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Where's the beef originally came to fame from a Wendy's commercial.  Since then it's become a catch all phrase questioning the substance of an idea, event or a product.  In case you didn't know I have almost 30 years of high tech expertise.  I stay current on high tech trends by receiving various white papers.  Even though high tech changes, it builds upon existing frame work foundations and expands from there.  This PDF was released from the Dept of Defense and here are the findings.
     The report is is on our 28 year old missile system.  The reports states in a nutshell, no data encryption, no antivirus programs, no multifactor authentication mechanisms are just some of the failings in our ballistic missile defense system developed to protect us from enemy nuclear rockets.  When locations were inspected users were using their usernames and passwords to log into the system...How funny.
      Now trends for 2019, countries will no longer have to use troops to expand their imperialism , they use digital imprints to get what they want.  Counties like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea use hacking mechanisms to get what they want, instead of invading and using man power.  These next technologies go hand in hand with this new phenomena .  I've written multiple times about these technologies.  1.  5G networks will be rolled out in 2019 and 2020,  5G networks will run rings around our old 4G LTE networks.   WE will see it first in Android platforms.  2.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) also called machine learning is already here.  Businesses, consumers and everything in between will use algorithms software.  Here's something you need to know every vendor is going to affix algommatic AI software in everything, we will have no privacy, this software will compete with jobs in our economy.  There are some publications that are expecting a 20% decrease in jobs over the next two years because of this technology. 3.  Blockchain, even though Bitcoin looks dead it's far from it, Bitcoin will resurface in 2019.  A little history Bitcoin has had several long droughts where people thought it was dead since its inception, the last big drought
occurred in 2014 and  lasted 411 days and had a 87%  drop in price.  Based upon historical data I now believe Bitcoin will drop in the price range of 2500 to 1800 for a 90% drop.  A lot of this drop has been engineered by the big Wall Street Boyz, they did the same thing to Gold and Silver.   I expect the final capitulation in all markets around the world after January 19, 2019 which is the rare Super Blue Moon that will turn into a Blood Red Moon.. There's that Moon again that brought in The New Beginning of 2018 that ended the Year of Completion in 2017.  For all the naysayers there are some major corporate players adopting Blockchain as well as banks like Chase, Goldman Sachs, IBM, American Express, Walmart , Microsoft, Amazon and others adapting altcoins that are alot more technological advanced than Bitcoin and are merging Blockchain with Artificial intelligence, therefore the technology is not going anywhere. 
    So where's the beef, all of these technologies can be used to wipe out a country or business infrastructure like airports, power grids, banks, traffic lights and opening dams holding back large sums of water.   Used in the wrong hands non traditional warfare attacks can be launched instantaneously from any distance, with little evidence, thereby making who the real perpetrators hard to find.  Therefore cyberwarfare is basically a grey area, so the perpetrators could be a group or nation even including our own Deep State using a False Flag event to start a war as a smoke screen as they implode the worlds economy including our own here in the USA.  So how do you know who's doing what to whom? you can't when crypto/Blockchain combined with artificial intelligence  and cyberwarfare is used.  It's a grey area in law and this is one reason the government and the Deep State has such a hard-on for cryptocurrency/blockchain.  In the end technology changes, man's mind does not.

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