Friday, December 28, 2018


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.  Make no mistake there is a battlefield for our minds, but we are also are reminded to put on our whole armour of God to withstand the fiery darts and schemes of the devil who is using the elites in power.  Let me say this the elites have been fooled to think that they are gonna rule side by side with Lucifer, it’s not going to happen. In Psalms 2:1-6 : It states “ Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?  The kings of the earth rise up and the rulers band together against His anointed saying let us break their chains...The One in heaven enthroned laughs and scoffs at them…”
See they are telegraphing their moves , in movies like the upcoming Aquaman movie.  Remember Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s sky hook it was unstoppable move that no one could stop.  Or the Dallas Cowboys offense of the 90”s would line Emmit Smith in the backfield and run straight at you, defenses knew what was coming in both instances the moves were telegraphed because of superior talent.  Now comes the Deep State, and Global Elites telegraphing what they are about to do and they believe they can’t be stopped either even if you know they are running game. They control TV stations, newspapers, the educational system from start to finish, they control magazines, radio stations, music, Internet content, government entities, including our military, and law enforcement all in an effort to control our minds, what we hear, what we see what we consume  and the narrative they want out there. How many people have read or ever heard of “The Art of War” one strategy is to “know your enemy...use foreknowledge and deception, Use speed and preparation use intelligence”
In the trailer of Aquaman, Aquaman states the “beasts have awakened” “The war is coming to the surface” and “billions are gonna die unless you help us”...we see the same things in Marvel”s superhero movies like “Avengers Infinity War” where superheros come together to stop Thanos from controlling the universe.  Or “Avengers the Age of Ultron” all of these movies have a common theme. All of these films are preparing us for what the elites being used by Satan want to do to the sheep.
In my essay “The coming Mark of the Beast” written Feb 18, 2018.  I state that there is much evil being planned against us. While everyone is doing their own thing they know our senses have become dull or we just don’t understand or don’t give a flying flip. With technology advancing so rapidly we are primed for the mark of the beast.  See the Devil has wanted to be like our creator since the beginning of time. So how will this be done with technology? 1st off you will not be made to take the mark.  Satin is too clever because he appears like an angel of light.  2nd The mark will be MARKETED SEVERAL WAYS AS SOMETHING COOL.  3rd you will have free will to accept or reject the new technology. 4th You will be told you cannot work, receive medical care, buy or sell goods and services without the mark.  So, you take it under your own free will.
The Devil knows whoever gains the POWER OVER THE BLOOD gains power over the man.  The mark CHANGES the DNA OF THE BLOOD AND YOU BECOME UN REDEEMABLE EVEN IF YOU ARE SAVED, THERE WILL BE NO GRACE.  (GODS GRACE AT CHRIST EXPENSE). The blood brings and gives life, creates oxygen to the cells and it brings, restores and keeps life or it can be a destroyer of life (Cancer), Why do you think it so much fuss about the blood?  Who shed HIS blood for the remission of our sins? So, any alteration of your DNA is an abomination to YAHUSHUA (CHRIST/GOD) . You are thereby mixing Satan’s seed with GOD and have broken the COVENANT/CONTRACT/AGREEMENT WITH OUR CREATOR (I AM THAT I AM, EL SHADDAHI) and He said “there is to be no other GOD but me.  So, with you taking the mark you have effectively made Satan god since he has wanted to be like God since the beginning.
In conclusion events are transpiring on a daily basis. Warning Warning Will Robinson just like on Lost in Space deception is everywhere, Satan and his cronies are running amok with their game plan, they think they can't be stopped, they are showing us their game plan in broad daylight as the plot thickens.

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