Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Mayday Mayday all hands on deck, it's here in my dream.  Mayday is an international distress signal used by ships and aircraft's the TITANIC is taking on water and no repair can be made.  Are you confused because the economic data and the media are presenting a picture nowhere as negative as the distress signal Mayday as in my dream.  The reason for this is economic data is backwards looking and does not predict future events.  By the time the data confirms, Newton's three laws of relativity are in full force, then the reaction is too late and the powers then react then it's too late.  That's where your Watchman comes into play I discern and warn but the message is unpopular mostly falling on deaf ears.  I cannot deny what I see but I have to blow the trumpets because that's my job as the Barbarians assemble at our gates.  Of course most of us won't take heed because of our Willful Blindness or Normalcy Bias. This past week the head of the International Monetary Fund based in Brussels and the Fed chairman Powell including former Fed Chairman Greenspan came out of the blue warning of an economic collapse, when Trump was asked He said something like He was not worried...I won't be here.
     Think about this the media and the government have a vested interest in selling a rosy picture but financial markets are forward thinking.  Another factor over the years the Fed which is really a private bank not a government enity that loans money to our banks and our government to distribute in the economy has raised interest rates 14 other times in our history and each time we have gone either into a recession or a depression and yes we have had multiple depressions besides the great depression before.  So now they are raising rates for the 15th time wanna bet what's getting ready to happen, in case you didn't know they're percentage is 100%. What takes the case now is we're all debt junkies stung out with needles hanging out of our arms on a worldwide interconnected basis.
    In the Euro Zone, people are hoarding U.S.Dollars because they think the EURO  is about to fold, In Great Britain the people voted to exit the Euro and go back to the Pound , but the banks and the government are so ingrained in the Euro they are afraid of contagion will take place.  What about China? China is a facade it's like a pretty mansion on the outside but the interior floors and walls are rotting from the inside. China's market started to fall 6 months ago there debt to cash flow is 30 times worst than the USA.   Japan and Russia have no cash flow and are in a  deflationary spiral.  South America is in shambles and immigrants are flowing to America because we are still the finest girl at the dance and even though we are stuck on ourselves, prideful and arrogant everybody still wants to be seen dancing with us. 
   Here in America no one has the key to stop the flood of water rushing into the hull of the TITANIC , both the Democrat's and the Republicans as well as Wall Street and Banks dressed as sheep's who are really wolves will do more harm then good. Too much self interest, too much pride and arrogance in fact our government leaders are asleep at the wheel and the Head of the fish is rotting from the head down in the meantime the hull of the ship is taking on water and engineering can't patch it.  In another dream last August " The calm before the Waves overtake us" I said the Eclipse of August 2017 was God removing his hand from America, again eclipse mean abandonment and relinquishment  A prophet whom I've never met interpreted my dream spot on. 
    In my current dream I heard the words MAYDAY MAYDAY.  The collapse is coming but first we will have a large reaction rally to the upside which will lull the wise to sleep then the collapse will come , it will affect the most vulnerable and weak first.  It will affect God's children.  Do not be surprised it will come like a thief in the night probably on a weekend, then on a Monday all hell breaks loose.  We're really gonna have to trust in Yahousha but faith without works is dead you must work your faith during this time period. WE must also be able to stand and stay steadfast in Him who is able to exceeding abundantly do above all that we ask or think according to the power that works within us.  These scriptures also rung out from the prophet Habakkuk chapter 2 and is follows:  "Write the vision make it plain on tablets...for the vision awaits it's appointed time, it hastens to the end, it will not lie.  If it seems slow wait for it, it will surely will will not delay...behold the proud , his soul is not upright in him, but the just shall live by faith...woe to him who increases what is not his and to him who leads himself with many pledges... Will not your creditors rise up suddenly? and you become their booty because you have plundered many nations? "   In these verses it warns us about the credit system which I have repeatedly written about their is not cash flow to feed our debts. 
    Church's get ready, souls about to flock in your gates with no money, our carnality will not cut it.  You the Church will be the storehouse for those in need.  The movement programs you depend on will not be there.  The midnight hour approaches will you be one of the five maidens who burned all of their oil because the groom was late or will you be one of the five maidens who had extra oil when he arrived late.  To the people of the Church , get out of yourself, stop praying for things  like a new house, new car, new job with more money, stop praying your self agenda, self promotion, read the Word with understanding and be hearers and doers of the Word, but in the end "Let's break the chains that hold us back and throw off the ropes that tie us down".  May God bless you and keep you it's about to get rough....Mayday Mayday

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