Thursday, October 18, 2018


The real threat is China, not Russia as the Deep State wants us to believe.  It is China that secretly looking to supplant the United States as the dominant world power.  Ever wonder why we are having a trade war with China? Is it because over the last 20 years they have robbed our jobs, stolen our intellectual property , hacked into our government offices.  China not Russia is the real threat economically and militarily. Isn't everything made in China now? What's made in Russia? NOTHING!  People follow the money, whoever controls the manufacturing base controls everything, how do you think the United States became the dominant power by controlling manufacturing and exporting our goods and services all over the world.  What do we make over here now? NOTHING1  we're now a service economy not a manufacturing economy, that's the real reason for "Make America Great"  Silly people all the real manufacturing jobs have gone overseas to China, therefore we cannot be great again.

In the high tech arena the new Internet 2.0 is being fought with China, in Information Technology and Software Development.  In Super Computing called Quantum Computers, China is running rings around the United States.  In the new Blockchain area, Chin is running rings around the United States companies because our government is running interference against our companies while China is embracing and working with Chinese companies and Korean companies.  In Artificial Intelligence China is doing ground breaking work.  China has 65% of the world's high speed rail.  In ultra high voltage electricity transmission, China is the only country to master this transmission type while our electrical grid infrastructure is early 20th century.  China is kicking our tails in installed solar and wind power, China is kicking the worlds but in clean nuclear power.  In drone technology China has 85% of the market.  China is also bringing back the Logistical"Old Silk Road" trade routes, which will serve 70% of the world's population including inroads into Africa burgeoning economies, while we tripping over Russia who can't hold China's jock strap. Mobile payments has become a powerful financial instrument in our lives. Chase Bank Quick Pay processes 42 million transactions yearly while China's Tencent and Alibaba process a staggering 42 billion payments yearly.  Do you ever hear or read about Russia's technological prowness? NEVER!!!  China's so slick they mirrored Hillary Clinton's server and gave the United States a big smoke screen which we blamed Russia, while they sat back and laughed at us with their misdirection play.

With China stealing intellectual rights in advanced technologies the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data has military uses.  China is buying Silicon Valley start ups and health care providers, that's why the United States blocked the sell of MONEYGRAM to China's Ant Financial which would give China access to millions of Americans financial records including military personnel.  Meanwhile China was the one that made Rocket man of North Korea come to the negotiation table with the United States.  China's media just revealed that China has a new H-20 subsonic nuclear stealth bomber that is called the " Carrier and ship Killer" with one strike.  They also have a mirrored clone of our F-35 Lightning plane with stealth coating which can carry air-to-air and air to ground missiles on board.

So in many ways China represents the most serious threat to US dominance in the long term not Russia.  Russia is a also ran compared to China, while Russia is fighting to stay relevant while they are staggering against the ropes about to get knocked out with their economy at count 7 out of 10 before the referee counts them out with a technical knockout.  Meanwhile China is using cyber espionage, intelligence officer's, businessmen and students in a different kind of war.  In the end by 2032 China will be the New World Heavyweight Champion while the United States will be the number 1 contender fighting to stay relevant.

"In the end Babylon the Great has fallen and become a dwelling place for demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird...for all the nations have drunk wine of the wrath of her fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through her abundance of her luxury...for her sins have reached to Heaven and GOD has remembered her iniquities...and a loud voice cried Babylon the Great has fallen" cried the logger who also cried TIMMBBERR the mighty tree falls.  A nation that was once strong falls!!! this mighty tree whose branches and roots reached around the world is now rotten from the core...TIMMBBERR as she hits the ground with a loud thump.


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