Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I'm going to start posting regular headlines so you can start connecting the dots. 1." Report GOOGLE hid user data breach from the public out of fear Congress would take action" Oct 7 .2018
2. " GOOGLE lied about "dragonfly" censorship project according to a leaked transcript" Oct 9. 2018

Can they be trusted for certain information...I don't think new meaning to "Google it" remember the essay "The Watchers".

3.  "It's a global gold rush! Worried Central bankers snap up £13 billion hoard amid growing fears if global volatility" Oct 7, 2018
4.  " Second half 2018 economic growth prospects continue to weaken with  tightening systemic liquidity deepening trade deficits" Oct 9 ×018
5... 10 & 30 year yield surge, yield curve "steepens" as fed talks up rate hikes in 2019
6..."Fed credit &US money supply...liquidity drain accelerates"
7...Home builders-hammered by beat market as mortgage rates top 5%"

Money getting funny on a worldwide basis...get out of debt, it's not safe to take on debt...I've said before real estate and auto industry affected 1st...then contagion spreads to multiple industries...Some will blame Trump...some will blame Obama...(remember this math and odds 535 to 1 or 1 vs 535)long story short the 3 laws of physics and cycles taking hold.  The world is decoupling and no one is paying attention. Warnings have accelerated  since the eclipse of August 2017 which means abandonment and relinquishment, the storms waves, the earthquakes will continue with greater intensity.  We have been found wonting with our apostasy.

In the Book of Exodus the Lord appeared before Moses in a burning bush and God asked him to go to Pharaoh with a Word from the Lord.  Moses replied "but suppose they will not believe me or listen to me...suppose they say the Lord has not appeared to you" Then God asked Moses what is that in your hand, then Moses said a rod, God said use your rod my rod is the pen...the scriptures go on to say God commissioned Moses...Eventually even after all the miracles Moses did, Pharaoh's heart continued to be hard so God sent plagues on Egypt (AMERICA) This is what we are starting to get now because a "Fish Rots from the Head Down" which means if the servant (the people) are disorderly it is because the master (our leaders economically, politically, socially and religiously) are so.

Again just because the god of this world (satan) has a veil over your eyes and blinded the minds of the unbelievers and believers to keep you from seeing the light, don't discount your Watchman and the messages given too you just because its an unpopular message that differs from the official narrative.  Malcolm X stated they control the minds of the masses and he also stated " the future belongs to those who prepare for it today".

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