Wednesday, October 17, 2018


DOWN GOES FRAZIER (America) which keeps ringing in my spirit. Why? because Smokin Joe Frazier got knocked down 6 times in two rounds before the fight was unmerciful stopped.. It has been noted that George Foreman hit him with such a force that Smokin Joe Frazier was lifted off of the canvas. What does the number 6 represent, "it is the number of man, the number of imperfection in man's work. It s a human number shows man's imperfection...wasn't the world created in six days. Wasn't Yahousha (Jesus) charged up by the men of the clergy 6 times as being the devil.There are other instances in the Bible with the number 6 is about man' fact we are to labor for six days and rest on the seventh which is completion.

The fight was billed as an epic showdown, We have so much going on. There are multiple epic wars going on in the Battlefield for our minds. We have been weighed in the balance and we have been found wanting. We are divided as a nation democrats against republicans, rich against poor, Black against White, Evangelicals against other denominations. in the Bible it states how can Satan cast out Satan, if he is divided against himself how can his kingdom stand? It can't. a blood bath is around the corner here in America.

Judgment is here not because God hates us because He loves us and is giving us an opportunity to repent. He must shake us to the core to get us to wake up because we won't do it voluntarily. God is allowing Trump (Saul and his debauchery the scriptures says God's spirit left him) to separate us and keep us divided. Even the Church is more divided than ever with some in the Church even thinking He is like a God and will argue about it. With all our shenanigans going on Famine is coming just like in the Bible the where a new King did not know Joseph and the things he did, this will not be a spiritual famine but a physical actual famine in our land. We keep listening to Hannaniah's ( false prophets economically, politically, socially and spiritually) So therefore because of the hardness of our hearts we are going down just like Smokin Joe Frazier. Around the corner this famine will be worst than the Great Depression, there will blood in the streets from civil unrest, shortages of food and gas as it goes to over $5 per gallon.

The divisions we see in the land will grow exponentially greater until mayhem and anarchy rules. Timmmmberrrr yelled the logger, as the tree hits the ground with a loud thump just like Smokin Joe Frazier hit the canvass and was knocked out.

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