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The Progressive Watchman: IT HAS COME TO PASS RECAP

The Progressive Watchman: IT HAS COME TO PASS RECAP: Have you not read and heard that Yah has spoken yet you do not take heed. Let's recap of things written about and conferred to you which...


Have you not read and heard that Yah has spoken yet you do not take heed. Let's recap of things written about and conferred to you which has come to pass.  The midnight hour is fast approaching.  Yah said you shall not have any other god before me yet you have broken all of His ten commandments.  So I have sent judgment to the United States.  For the wrath of Yah has been revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth.  Since they know Yah but did not glorify Him He showed us the eclipse in August of 2017 which was His abandonment and relinquishment of His covering of the United States.  Yah then followed the end of 2017 the year of completion with a super blue moon to bring in 2018.  Not to be outdone Yah in the same month turned another blue moon into a blood red moon for 2018 the year of new beginnings.

Yah said "there will be signs  in the sun, moon and stars...there would be tossing of the seas." Since we are Doubting Thomas USA the shaking has begun.  Everything that can be shaken will be shaken and that which remains will stand and be strengthened. Will you stand and be strengthened or will you be shaken and be tossed too and fro? Way back in August and September of 2017 and again in Jan 2018 I wrote that September/October of 2018 the markets would start to fall.  I also wrote that God is doing a new thing to confuse the wise.  I also wrote articles entitled "The flood" , "Dark forces unleashed" and "the deep state and the  beginning of the end".. I recently wrote that "False Flag" events would be unfolded before the elections which has come to pass.  People don't be fooled the pipe bombs are shenanigans. (2) Immigrants marching over 2,000 miles to get into the USA is a False Flag event conveniently contrived right before the elections are shenanigans as well as voter machines flipping votes from one party to the other is shenanigans  This is shenanigans by both parties to energize their bases.

Things to come:  (1) one more false flag event before the election. (2) After the election neither party will believe the election results  and pandemonium will break loose.  BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT. (3) the Deep State is pulling out all of their tricks to divide us and turn us in a Totalitarian State.  (4) Look out below with all the unrest POP GOES the Weasel in the stock, bond market until 2021.  (5)  Civil unrest coming which is the goal of the Deep State.  (6) Next up " Contagion" see my essay  in a long story short contagion from other economies in the world caused by the rise of the USA Dollar.  (7) Interest rates will continue to rise choking off the real estate, auto industry, bank failures, job cuts will ensue.  (8) Gold, Silver, Blockchain will rise so see article " Get in where you fit in" (9) War in the middle east as our gas prices escalate to over $5.00 per gallon. (10)  CHURCH GET READY"   " Implosion and Explosion coming to your Door"

Church, the dawn of a new beginning coming to your doorstep, will you be ready?  The people will have no money, the government programs you depend on for help will not be there.  So you must be ready for the influx of people.  Rid  yourself of your CARNALITY and do not harden your hearts, as more events will now escalate with more fervor and intensity before "The Waves Overtake Us".   The midnight hour is fast approaching, you have a responsibility to know and understand the times we live in. You cannot claim ignorance.  You have the information, no excuses.  Your eyes have been opened about the deception being poured upon you that even the elect would be fooled, including our government leaders, Pastors, Apostles and Prophets.  See the dye has been cast we exchanged the truth for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator.  For this reason we must decrease that He, Yahousha must increase.  We sowed discontent seeds and now are they are sprouting.  We must pull the Tares from the Wheat and separate them. It's time to step up because it only gets uglier from here.  I keep hearing " Down goes Frazier, Down goes Frazier "(USA) with a loud thump as we hit the canvas ole foolish doubting Thomas's.

Monday, October 22, 2018


The Progressive Watchman: THE USA & THE MOVE TO A TOTALITARIAN STATE: "Totalitarianism  is a political concept that defines a mode of government, which prohibits opposition parties, restricts individual op...


"Totalitarianism is a political concept that defines a mode of government, which prohibits opposition parties, restricts individual opposition to the state and its claims, and exercises an extremely high degree of control over public and private life. " I know this seems a little extreme, but we are in extreme times.  George Washington stated " If the freedom of Speech be taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, then like sheep to the slaughter".  Which means  each person in our country has a right to voice their opinion whether you like it or not this is what the basic fundamental of the 1st amendment.  Did you know that the Dept of Homeland Security is seeking contractors for the creation of a database that would monitor news outlets and collect intelligence on journalists, bloggers and anybody that influences the public.  Their goal is to shut down anybody whose view is different than the official narrative.  Sounds like old fashioned Totalitarianism Communist Russia state owned controlled news to me. Maybe that 's why we don't get real news of different views by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Facebook, Google, because they don't want to get on the wrong side of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency (NSA).

Can we really voice our opinion? Not long ago Trump suggested that protesting should be illegal.  He says media is the "enemy of the state", he lashed out at NFL players for kneeling, he says alternative news sites should be illegal.  But Pres Tweet Tweet can say whatever he wants to...NOT...He needs to be stopped too...Let me remind you he's just a man who puts on his pants just like anybody else. Thanks to the Cheney-Bush, Obama and now Trump administration all of our rights are being systemically stripped from us. Thanks a lot to the contrived war on terrorism.  Again thanks a lot Osama Bin Laden who will go down in history as one of the most influential people in history when its all said and done.  We gave away all of our rights to the National Security Agency and Homeland Security because we think the government knows what is right for us.  NOT...They are not gods sounds like Totalitarian Communist state to me.

I ask who decides what you can say and what offends others, today everything is offensive now and not politically correct. Who decides if the message is offensive especially if the message challenges the status quo. Back to Trump he even suggested that people who speak up in protest on injustice should loose their jobs, but I remind you didn't he swear on a Bible to defend our Constitution.  What we have to realize that DEMOCRACY IS DEAD.  Now all information is censored by our corrupted Social Media and Main Stream Media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NY Times and the Washington Post and others.

So now we face a crisis in Democracy.  It begins as the government LOOSES POWER OVER THE ECONOMY AND THE PEOPLE, it first becomes more abusive.  We have been gradually witnessing this trend with the hunt for taxes, the next stage is violence (unless you are Black or Brown already happening by police, White people you next)...Also we have the drawing of political lines by the democrats and republicans with each side not accepting the election results because they both know elections are rigged by the politicians of both parties since ancient times.  Sounds like Totalitarian Communist state to me.

Each passing day we are legislated towards a Totalitarian society, with censorship, violence corruption, hypocrisy and intolerance.  With each passing day we have discontent and fear among the people. We are herded like sheep, to be non thinkers who passively accept what is told to us whether it is delivered by social media, corporate media or a government handler like the police who suppress us.    Don't be distracted  we are herded with our screen devices.  Screen devices are smartphones, tablets, computers, Television.  They are also using sports and entertainment and materialism (wealth, credit, shining).  We are also being divided  and conquered by politics, religion, socialism, economics and race so we can never agree on anything and when we do wake up we are picked off one by one.

In our educational system our public schools have turned socialist in their curriculum and teaching, with political correctness the order of the day.   In public school "Re Re's" have to be in the same class  with regular kids thereby turning the class room into a babysitting ordeal.  Kid's who receive less than a 50 are rounded up to 50.  The kids know it so there is no incentive  to get good grades. They know the State has a no kid left behind rule.  Sounds like Totalitarian Socialist Communist state to me. Teachers now have to teach to the state standardized test.  Educators talk about its about the kids, no its not its about the handout money they receive from the government.  If you really think about it everything we do in this country is contrary to the 10 commandments.  Hosea 4:6-7 states My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. therefore I will change their glory into shame."  See the powers know that by shaping the minds and turning kids into mindless robots they can control the people from deep within.  Norman Thomas of the American Civil Liberties Union boldly proclaimed " The American People will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the disguise of Liberalism, they will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened."  Even the father of modern education ,John Dewey the co-author of the "Humanist Manifesto" sounds Communist to me exposed Socialist views.  Funny thing countries that expose Totalitarian, Socialist Communist ways  has failed (Russia, China) have turned to capitalism while the EuroZone who have adopted Socialism are now crumbling and threatening to bring America down because we are so intermingled economically. 

How long not long, THE WORD states  in the last days people would be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive,ungrateful, unruly, no love , unforgiving, slanderous, no self control, brutal, treacherous,conceited, always learning but never able to come into the truth.  But it also says in all things we must have a clear mind.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Progressive Watchman: THE REAL THREAT CHINA-GATE

The Progressive Watchman: THE REAL THREAT CHINA-GATE: The real threat is China, not Russia as the Deep State wants us to believe.  It is China that secretly looking to supplant the United States...


The real threat is China, not Russia as the Deep State wants us to believe.  It is China that secretly looking to supplant the United States as the dominant world power.  Ever wonder why we are having a trade war with China? Is it because over the last 20 years they have robbed our jobs, stolen our intellectual property , hacked into our government offices.  China not Russia is the real threat economically and militarily. Isn't everything made in China now? What's made in Russia? NOTHING!  People follow the money, whoever controls the manufacturing base controls everything, how do you think the United States became the dominant power by controlling manufacturing and exporting our goods and services all over the world.  What do we make over here now? NOTHING1  we're now a service economy not a manufacturing economy, that's the real reason for "Make America Great"  Silly people all the real manufacturing jobs have gone overseas to China, therefore we cannot be great again.

In the high tech arena the new Internet 2.0 is being fought with China, in Information Technology and Software Development.  In Super Computing called Quantum Computers, China is running rings around the United States.  In the new Blockchain area, Chin is running rings around the United States companies because our government is running interference against our companies while China is embracing and working with Chinese companies and Korean companies.  In Artificial Intelligence China is doing ground breaking work.  China has 65% of the world's high speed rail.  In ultra high voltage electricity transmission, China is the only country to master this transmission type while our electrical grid infrastructure is early 20th century.  China is kicking our tails in installed solar and wind power, China is kicking the worlds but in clean nuclear power.  In drone technology China has 85% of the market.  China is also bringing back the Logistical"Old Silk Road" trade routes, which will serve 70% of the world's population including inroads into Africa burgeoning economies, while we tripping over Russia who can't hold China's jock strap. Mobile payments has become a powerful financial instrument in our lives. Chase Bank Quick Pay processes 42 million transactions yearly while China's Tencent and Alibaba process a staggering 42 billion payments yearly.  Do you ever hear or read about Russia's technological prowness? NEVER!!!  China's so slick they mirrored Hillary Clinton's server and gave the United States a big smoke screen which we blamed Russia, while they sat back and laughed at us with their misdirection play.

With China stealing intellectual rights in advanced technologies the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data has military uses.  China is buying Silicon Valley start ups and health care providers, that's why the United States blocked the sell of MONEYGRAM to China's Ant Financial which would give China access to millions of Americans financial records including military personnel.  Meanwhile China was the one that made Rocket man of North Korea come to the negotiation table with the United States.  China's media just revealed that China has a new H-20 subsonic nuclear stealth bomber that is called the " Carrier and ship Killer" with one strike.  They also have a mirrored clone of our F-35 Lightning plane with stealth coating which can carry air-to-air and air to ground missiles on board.

So in many ways China represents the most serious threat to US dominance in the long term not Russia.  Russia is a also ran compared to China, while Russia is fighting to stay relevant while they are staggering against the ropes about to get knocked out with their economy at count 7 out of 10 before the referee counts them out with a technical knockout.  Meanwhile China is using cyber espionage, intelligence officer's, businessmen and students in a different kind of war.  In the end by 2032 China will be the New World Heavyweight Champion while the United States will be the number 1 contender fighting to stay relevant.

"In the end Babylon the Great has fallen and become a dwelling place for demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird...for all the nations have drunk wine of the wrath of her fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through her abundance of her luxury...for her sins have reached to Heaven and GOD has remembered her iniquities...and a loud voice cried Babylon the Great has fallen" cried the logger who also cried TIMMBBERR the mighty tree falls.  A nation that was once strong falls!!! this mighty tree whose branches and roots reached around the world is now rotten from the core...TIMMBBERR as she hits the ground with a loud thump.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018


DOWN GOES FRAZIER (America) which keeps ringing in my spirit. Why? because Smokin Joe Frazier got knocked down 6 times in two rounds before the fight was unmerciful stopped.. It has been noted that George Foreman hit him with such a force that Smokin Joe Frazier was lifted off of the canvas. What does the number 6 represent, "it is the number of man, the number of imperfection in man's work. It s a human number shows man's imperfection...wasn't the world created in six days. Wasn't Yahousha (Jesus) charged up by the men of the clergy 6 times as being the devil.There are other instances in the Bible with the number 6 is about man' fact we are to labor for six days and rest on the seventh which is completion.

The fight was billed as an epic showdown, We have so much going on. There are multiple epic wars going on in the Battlefield for our minds. We have been weighed in the balance and we have been found wanting. We are divided as a nation democrats against republicans, rich against poor, Black against White, Evangelicals against other denominations. in the Bible it states how can Satan cast out Satan, if he is divided against himself how can his kingdom stand? It can't. a blood bath is around the corner here in America.

Judgment is here not because God hates us because He loves us and is giving us an opportunity to repent. He must shake us to the core to get us to wake up because we won't do it voluntarily. God is allowing Trump (Saul and his debauchery the scriptures says God's spirit left him) to separate us and keep us divided. Even the Church is more divided than ever with some in the Church even thinking He is like a God and will argue about it. With all our shenanigans going on Famine is coming just like in the Bible the where a new King did not know Joseph and the things he did, this will not be a spiritual famine but a physical actual famine in our land. We keep listening to Hannaniah's ( false prophets economically, politically, socially and spiritually) So therefore because of the hardness of our hearts we are going down just like Smokin Joe Frazier. Around the corner this famine will be worst than the Great Depression, there will blood in the streets from civil unrest, shortages of food and gas as it goes to over $5 per gallon.

The divisions we see in the land will grow exponentially greater until mayhem and anarchy rules. Timmmmberrrr yelled the logger, as the tree hits the ground with a loud thump just like Smokin Joe Frazier hit the canvass and was knocked out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


The Progressive Watchman: READING BETWEEN THE HEADLINES WE DON'T SEE: I'm going to start posting regular headlines so you can start connecting the dots. 1." Report GOOGLE hid user data breach from the ...


I'm going to start posting regular headlines so you can start connecting the dots. 1." Report GOOGLE hid user data breach from the public out of fear Congress would take action" Oct 7 .2018
2. " GOOGLE lied about "dragonfly" censorship project according to a leaked transcript" Oct 9. 2018

Can they be trusted for certain information...I don't think new meaning to "Google it" remember the essay "The Watchers".

3.  "It's a global gold rush! Worried Central bankers snap up £13 billion hoard amid growing fears if global volatility" Oct 7, 2018
4.  " Second half 2018 economic growth prospects continue to weaken with  tightening systemic liquidity deepening trade deficits" Oct 9 ×018
5... 10 & 30 year yield surge, yield curve "steepens" as fed talks up rate hikes in 2019
6..."Fed credit &US money supply...liquidity drain accelerates"
7...Home builders-hammered by beat market as mortgage rates top 5%"

Money getting funny on a worldwide basis...get out of debt, it's not safe to take on debt...I've said before real estate and auto industry affected 1st...then contagion spreads to multiple industries...Some will blame Trump...some will blame Obama...(remember this math and odds 535 to 1 or 1 vs 535)long story short the 3 laws of physics and cycles taking hold.  The world is decoupling and no one is paying attention. Warnings have accelerated  since the eclipse of August 2017 which means abandonment and relinquishment, the storms waves, the earthquakes will continue with greater intensity.  We have been found wonting with our apostasy.

In the Book of Exodus the Lord appeared before Moses in a burning bush and God asked him to go to Pharaoh with a Word from the Lord.  Moses replied "but suppose they will not believe me or listen to me...suppose they say the Lord has not appeared to you" Then God asked Moses what is that in your hand, then Moses said a rod, God said use your rod my rod is the pen...the scriptures go on to say God commissioned Moses...Eventually even after all the miracles Moses did, Pharaoh's heart continued to be hard so God sent plagues on Egypt (AMERICA) This is what we are starting to get now because a "Fish Rots from the Head Down" which means if the servant (the people) are disorderly it is because the master (our leaders economically, politically, socially and religiously) are so.

Again just because the god of this world (satan) has a veil over your eyes and blinded the minds of the unbelievers and believers to keep you from seeing the light, don't discount your Watchman and the messages given too you just because its an unpopular message that differs from the official narrative.  Malcolm X stated they control the minds of the masses and he also stated " the future belongs to those who prepare for it today".

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Progressive Watchman: ME TOO THE OTHER SIDE

The Progressive Watchman: ME TOO THE OTHER SIDE: Praise be to God  and Father of our Lord Yahousha (Jesus Christ) who has blessed each one of us  in the heavenly realms with every spiritual...


Praise be to God  and Father of our Lord Yahousha (Jesus Christ) who has blessed each one of us  in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ, I pray and hope that Yahousha will give to me and you the spirit of wisdom, revelation and understanding  that our eyes of our understanding being enlightened that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, to them that believe in righteousness. That said I'm all for women's rights, I have three daughters all of them very smart athletic, shapely, good looking and excellent in things that they do. Being a man I cringe and I know very well how we think, how we rib, gawk and act on our primal instincts, that's one reason I traveled everywhere they traveled because of the foolishment of men knowing first hand if anything went down the man would be believed and it would be up to the woman or my girls to prove that misapproiate conduct happened,  and you wonder women don't tell what has happened to them.

When women suffer violence in the Scriptures, we see God's own righteousness even if it off-kilter-anger.  Sometimes we see Divine outrage in the demise of the character, as in the case of King David, I'm not thinking of the way he forcibly took Bathsheba into his bed, although that story, ending in the death of the baby draws its own conclusions.  Instead, I'm thinking of his daughter Tamar, who is raped by his son Amnon (2 Sam 13) David's response is weak and because his response is so weak Absalom avenges his sisters humiliation by murder, which I would have done the same thing and would have gladly gone to jail.

Admittedly, there are too many instances in the Scriptures where the weakness of men either commit women into the hands of violence or fail to clearly execute justice when the violence is discovered: Isaac and Rebekah (Gen. 26); Jacob and Dinah (Gen. 34); the Levite and his concubine (Judges 19). These stories are crushing for women.  I ask how may times have our pastors preached on these stories or done series of these subjects. How many classes are taught in our educational system about these things or even how is Quid Pro Quo even enforced in the workplace.

 The "Me Too" movement hasn't got everything right, but it is opening up the eyes of our understanding in the subject of sexual misconduct of men against women.  In sum the Scriptures inspire trust that God's righteousness will prevail and culminates with message of the crucifixion of Yahousha (Jesus Christ) that He died and rose for our sins.  "The Cross says that no sin is incidental to God—not predatory behavior, not unwanted sexual advances, not lewd joking, not molestation, not rape, not any form of sexual abuse or aggression".  The cross is not just against God's mercy but His anger against sin.  We got to get things right and hear women's cries and learn from their stories, these our our mothers, wives and daughters.  I leave with this :  Have you not known have your not heard  that the everlasting God the Lord the Creator does not get tired or weary, He gives power to them that are weak He gives understanding, He gives strength to them that are weary and most of all He gives HOPE and the POWER to STAND my stand firm my SISTAS.

Monday, October 1, 2018

The Progressive Watchman: DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY

The Progressive Watchman: DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY: Romans 12:17-20 Never pay back evil for evil to anyone.  Never take revenge, beloved but leave room for the wrath of God for it is written...


Romans 12:17-20

Never pay back evil for evil to anyone.  Never take revenge, beloved but leave room for the wrath of God for it is written "Vengeance is mine I will repay" Says the Lord.  The spectacle we just saw play out on the Kavanaugh hearings has exposed for the world to see the beginnings of the fall of the United States it is an example of 'A fish rots from the Head down"  How hypocritical we are, we have grown people as we say in the hood showing their Ass, walking out because they did not get their way.  What type of example that it shows our kids and others that it;s okay to pout, shout and walk off.  They are supposed to our leaders...WOW do as I say and not how I do...WOW.  This hearing showed multiple tipping points in the destruction of our society.  His hearing exposed the fact that the US Congress has become too polarized to govern, The Kavanaugh vote was strictly down party lines which demonstrates we're toast as a country and society.  Why would anybody in their right mind want to get involved in being a public servant.  Congress, the President, The Press and the citizens of these United States are to disconnected from God, Truth, and Justice, the people who they are supposed to serve the people of the United States unfortunately, it;s about self interest and agendas not what is good for the country.  The Bible says "Then they reminded Jesus that adultery was punishable by stoning under Mosaic law and challenged Him to judge the woman so that they might then accuse Him of disobeying the law. Jesus thought for a moment and then replied, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”And we are supposed to be a Christian Nation that follows Christ like values...hahaha very funny not anymore.

2nd and 3rd huge movements in the destruction of society the Gay and Feminist Feminist movements.  I'm not against their rights just pointing out examples of empire rotting and destruction of society.   Both of these movements used civil rights movements as a springboard to get their narratives out.  The Gay's just wanted to come out of the closet for acceptance now there is a Gay over the top person in every TV show and movie. The feminist movement wanted revenge against men.  which has evolved into the "Me Too" movement. The "Me Too" movement of a woman crying sexual misconduct decades ago even if they gave it up with no proof.  The Police call these cases "Cold Case" files.

Now the media gives public shaming based on allegations without proof.  They have abandoned all journalistic standards treating each allegation as true.  Not only are they destroying lives and some are innocent but they are destroying due process of innocent until proven guilty.  This movement is about taking men out. It's about women hating men, great tabloid drama. It's like the movies "the Purge " series where the law looks the other way and let's you do what you wanted to do without any consequence.

Now hear me loud and clear I'm not homophobic or against women's rights. They both deserve equal rights, equal pay and each person should be judged on their own merits without discrimination.  We all should be able to get along without personal agendas.  Pretty soon you're not going to be able to say anything to anybody, you're not going to able to be yourself if every word you say will be inapproiate and offensive and will get you money, persecuted, imprisoned and even killed.  Eventually the net consequences will be loss of American competitiveness, scientific achievements, gridlock, decay  and the fall of America economically, politically, socially and religiously.

In Proverbs 18 is states " An unfriendly person pursues selfishness and against all sound judgment starts quarrels.  Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing out their opinions.  Matthew 18 states about what you're supposed to do when you have strife against another...of course it should be common sense but who has that and who cares about Biblical principles and wisdom because Lot's of people think it's outdated old book... WOW...BRING ON THE FALL AND DESTRUCTION OF SOCIETY.