Saturday, September 1, 2018


The Barbarians are at our gates America, we are about to enter into a new season.  I've been saying since August 2017 that September/October 2018 will be brutal the Barbarian are now at our gates America and we have been found wonting and the shaking is about to begin,everything that can be shaken will be shaken.  Let's recap, 1st God is doing a new thing remember years endings in 7's are completions and years ending in 8's are new beginnings. 2nd we had the eclipse in August of last year which only showed over North America.  The word Eclipse comes from the Greek word abandonment , desertment and relinquishment.  3rd We've had several rare blue moons.  The first one was the year ending 2017 Blue Moon that brought in 2018 then followed up with another Blue Moon that turned into a Blood Red Moon 30 days later on January 31, 2018.  Since then we've had two more Blue Moons in March 2018 and another Blood Red Moon that appeared in July. These events are telling us we are going into another cycle. Not to mention we're having more and more Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes with the big one looming not to mention the cleansing fires in California.

Let's get down to business since the Barbarians are at our gates.  In a few weeks the Stock Market will make an all time high, The US Dollar will continue to rise along with interest rates which will cause havoc in Europe, China and other emerging economies. Housing prices will start to fall and Bitcoin the 1st known application of the new Blockchain technology will make a run to around $10k plus precious metals will continue to be weak, all these marketplaces will become very volatile.  Picture volatility in your mind, picture hard rain falling, the floods coming, and the winds blowing and beating on houses. Do these words portray volatility? I would venture to say, Yes.  See Pride comes before destruction and haughtiness before the fall but we don't see it because of our Willful Blindness and Normalcy Bias.  Both of these terms describe a mental state where you intentionally turn a blind eye or brush off events unfolding before your very eyes.

These unfolding unfortunate events are opportunities to make a level playing field for us the HAVE NOT'S against the HAVES.  When the Barbarian arrives at the gate don't be dismayed nor believe the woe is me hype from the Main Stream Media.  Here is what I'm doing, currently scaling into FAZ a ETF ( Exchange Traded Fund) currently around $9 per share, FAZ with options and actual stock, in simple terms FAZ makes 3 times the money when companies in the financial sector stock prices start to go down.  Historical figures show in 2008 it ran from current levels to $225, but this time it will hit at least $55 to $70.

In the essay get in where you fit in I said Bitcoin will go to around $5,000 then rise to around $30,000 before the end of the year then falling again then rising to $60,000 by the end of 2019.  I'm not buying Bitcoin but it will be my tracker in the Blockchain space.  I'm buying Stella LumensVeChainEOSWaltonchainNEOZilliqaLitecoin, Ripple....All of these will outperform Bitcoin even though Bitcoin gets all the hype.  For you naysayers don't pay attention to what is said by the Deep State, Main Stream Media, Wall Street Boyz but pay attention to what they do.  Indians have been saying for years they speak with a fork tongue. What will be the upside catalyst, it will be a new ETF brought in by the parent company of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and the CBOE (Chicago Board of Options Exchange) the largest futures exchange in the world.  Them big money pension funds and mutual funds and your 401K money will start to flow into this space.  
One last thing it won't take lots of money to go from HAVE NOT TO A HAVE, unless you are a slave debt junkie and living beyond your means.  Surely you can come up with $250 to $500 spread out over different assets mentioned.  If you want to receive instructions on how and what to do go to my site. and ask no strings attached.

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