Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Back in the day my mother used to say this to me all the time. In this context, it means we are like stubborn or hard headed and we are disobedient and as a result a spanking is necessary on our soft behinds. I know lots of you don't believe in this so anyway we must be from Missouri "The show me state".  Warnings always come before destruction.  Warnings have been coming starting with the eclipse of August 2017, The rare Blue Moons we have had including the Blood Red Moon yet because of our hard headiness we can't seem to get it right nor all we trying.

I've also said before that years ending in 8's are new beginnings with September/October starting a new season and cycle. In this season everything that can be shaken will be shaken but America you have not been shaken enough and you will not fear.  How unfortunate, the storms, waves and earthquakes will continue with greater intensity and frequency.  Y'all don't hear me nor Yahushua cuz you're too consumed with yourselves.  We're living in serious times and we need gladiators "The Barbarians are at our Gates".  It's coming a time where the government will not be able to help us.  Pastors your season is coming, Shout Hallelujah!!! You and your gladiators will need to hold the line just like Russell Crowe said in the movie "Gladiator" a very violent movie when they were facing their enemy, He shouted "Hold the line" to his gladiators. Pastors time to step up the battle has begun, it's not about the money or about you.  God is looking for those who will stand strong when the winds and waves of adversity arise. Harvest time season is about to begin. Florence is the first of many Barbarian's at our gate.

Here comes Florence, the beginning of the cycle, she will be just like Harvey, the mountains of western Carolina and Virginia will cause it to stall and the Carolina's, Virginia and Washington D.C. will feel the wrath of this storm. 

Specific Instructions:
1.  Get some cash there is at least 4 to 5 days of cash at least $150 or more.  There will be power outages so there is a real possibility your credit cards and ATM cards will not work no matter how much money and credit you have.  ATM's, gas station pumps, cash registers at the grocery stores will not work, remember we are in the digital age whereas most transactions are digital in nature even your paycheck comes in a digital format. 
2.  Charge any device that provides light example phones, laptops, tablets, buy candles
3,  Fill up tubs and sinks with water including your washer machine and get plenty of drinking water, there is a real possibility that you may be without electricity for days. Buy Bleach and baby wipes because you may not have water to flush your toilet either.
4.  Get Food and have it prepared including getting pet food

In conclusion a new season has begun' The Barbarians are at our Gates"  God is about show you that He is still in control and not man. For those of you who continue to mock and scuff at my warnings " A hard head makes a soft behind."  truth will be revealed on the earth and the people of this earth not just here in America but the world and in the end you will know "That He is who He is", His WORD will not return void, because there is a season and a time for a "hard head makes a soft behind".

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