Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Our ears are itching and we turn away from the truth.  How can you know the truth if you can 't hear, read or see opposing views, better yet how can you make an unbiased intelligent decision if all you hear,read and see is the official narrative spewed from those in power. The era of lawlessness is at our gates. We can't handle the truth as Jack Nicholson shouted in a "Few Good Men." We have been blinded, hoodwinked, bamboozled and led astray as we are in the "Days of Noah" The WORD states that in the last Days that we would be offended, we would hate one another, that we would be deceived , lawlessness would be a around us, and the love of many would grow cold, but it also says we should have a clear head and be watchful in all things.

In the essay "The Truth Illusive" I stated governments, universities our Main stream media,large corporate entities, social media including FACEBOOK, GOOGLE and YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM  and SNAPCHAT are imposing speech controls that differ from the official narrative propaganda machine. We now have a world that no longer appears to recognize, or care, that this propaganda goes directly against our founding principles of liberty, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.  Just because I do not like what a person or organization says or writes means that they should be banned, censored, prosecuted, imprisoned, crucified and killed.  Back in the days JESUS,Paul and the Apostles were done this way.  In the 1960's Malcolm X and Martin Luther King were done this way. Even before we came America Patrick Henry's speech stated "Give me liberty of give me death." stated there was a need for the TRUTH.  Our ancestors and forefathers fought very hard and died to bring out TRUTH. and now you want to give it away ,shame on us.

How are you going to be informed, and stay informed, of what’s happening in the world, of what your government does and plans, if your media, both old and new, conspire to let you know only what they want you to, and to present a version of the world, of reality, that they invented in order to safeguard their future and that of their sponsors? Who’s going to tell you what happens behind the infinite layers of curtains? You’re being sold out, your rights and freedoms are being sold out, while you’re busy looking at pictures of what your friends had for dinner last night or other foolishness being posted on Social Media sites. YEAH I SAID IT..
You're being brain swashed and you don't even know it or better yet care. Know this even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 


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