Tuesday, July 17, 2018


If you believe the rhetoric and propaganda from the news media the Russians rigged the election and Hillary got the election stolen from her and he rose from the ashes like a phoenix and walla he was president.  Donald Trump is the result of a long process of political, cultural and social decay. He is a product of our failed democracy in our two party system.  The problem is not Trump. It is a political system, dominated by corporate power and the shenanigans of the two major political parties, in which we don’t count but lastly don't give me that BS that Hillary was better she was crook, liar and deceiver.

Every day like junkies we have to hear from the main stream media, social media, the Internet eyes have been focused on him, his insults, his tweets, his passing thoughts, his every comment, his acts, major and minor, and the associated acts and reactions of those who circle around him, as never before in history -- not for a king, an emperor, or a dictator, and certainly not for a president,  Trump has tapped into the hatred that huge segments of the American public have for a political and economic system that has betrayed them. He may be inept, degenerate, dishonest and a narcissist, but he adeptly ridicules the system they despise. His cruel and demeaning taunts directed at government agencies, laws and the established elites resonate with people for whom these agencies, laws and elites have become hostile forces. And for many who see no shift in the political landscape to alleviate their suffering,  

Trump, like all tyrants who think they have absolute power, has no ethical core. He chooses his allies and appointees based on their personal loyalty to him. He will sell anyone out. He is corrupt, amassing money for himself—he made $40 million from his Washington, D.C., hotel alone last year—and his corporate allies. He is dismantling government institutions that once provided some regulation and oversight. He is an enemy of the open society. This makes him dangerous. His turbocharged assault on the last glimmer of democratic institutions and norms means there will soon be nothing, even in name, to protect us from corporate totalitarianism.

Y'all don't understand the corporate controlled media is all in for ratings and profits that he generates in his reality show presidency but they don't give a damn about the acceleration of the decline of America..  They report false news on Russian meddling the pay off of a porn star that happened before he got into office.  They refuse to investigate corporate abuse of power, or how Wall Street is transferring wealth out of our economy and not preparing us when the SHTF is here and our economy implodes.  Has anybody noticed how the Teflon congress of both party's just slides with impunity.  

All this will soon be compounded by financial collapse. and TRUMP WILL BE THE FALL GUY.  Wall Street banks have been handed $16 trillion in bailouts and other subsidies by the Federal Reserve and Congress at nearly zero percent interest since the 2008 financial collapse. They have used this money, as well as the money saved through the huge tax cuts imposed last year, to buy back their own stock, raising the compensation and bonuses of their managers and thrusting the society deeper into debt cess pool. The ratio of CEO to worker pay now averages 339 to 1, with the highest gap approaching 5,000 to 1. This circular use of money to make and hoard money is what Karl Marx called “fictitious capital  The steady increase in public debt, corporate debt, credit card debt and student loan debt will ultimately lead, to a tipping point—when money coming in to furnish that debt, or available to borrow, simply won’t cover the interest payments. Then debt bubbles will pop, beginning with higher yielding bonds.and interest rates causing ripples in the mortgage and auto industry that will be like a contagion virus.
When the SHTF  the elites will crawl into their newly built bunkers and compounds and we will be left to fend for ourselves like a ravaged war zone with no services.  BASIC services, from garbage collection to public transportation, food distribution and health care, will collapse. Massive unemployment and underemployment, triggering social unrest, will be dealt with not through government job creation but the brutality of militarized police and a complete suspension of civil liberties. Critics of the system, already pushed to the margins, will be silenced and attacked as enemies of the state by our government who thinks they are like gods.

All the signs of a collapse are visible if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, we have crumbling infrastructure; chronic underemployment and unemployment; the indiscriminate use of lethal force by police; political paralysis and stagnation; an economy built on the mountain of debt;  mass shootings in schools, universities, workplaces, malls, concert venues and movie theaters; opioid  and crack overdoses an epidemic of suicides; unsustainable military expansion; gambling as a desperate tool of economic development and government revenue; the capture of power by a tiny, corrupt clique; censorship; the physical diminishing of public institutions ranging from schools and libraries to courts and medical facilities;bombardment by electronic media jn a battlefield of our minds to keep us trapped in foolishness by the Deep State and their bought and paid for main stream media.  

I leave with this nothing just happens, Trump was installed for a reason the enemy is in full throttle in this age of deception and corruption.  Stay off of the Kool Aide---socialism vs capitalism, liberalism vs conservatism, truth vs non truth, race against race for he and his kronies were liars from the beginning, divide and conquer is there mantra to deceive even our elect.  Just know that everything we see, hear and read is a lie, tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth, there is no truth in them, they were liars from the beginning.  But know I am not deceived I see clearly and want you to see clearly also.  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities against t the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil.

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