Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Progressive Watchman: THE WATCHERS

The Progressive Watchman: THE WATCHERS: They are watching you and you don't even know it. Regardless of your social economic status, political views, religion, race you have gi...


The Progressive Watchman: GET READY IMPLOSION AND EXPLOSION COMING TO YOUR ...: Warning Warning Will Robinson cried the robot with his arms swinging wildly. The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on...


They are watching you and you don't even know it. Regardless of your social economic status, political views, religion, race you have given them the right to watch you.  Everything you do, everything you say, everything you think is being watched by the Deep State.  Before you think I'm a conspiracy theorist out there in left or right field I'm talking about data miners.  The Big data miners you use every day like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat , NetFlix  etc...  These firms are out in the open doing their thing.  Other firms like Equifax, TransUnion, government agencies, financial institutions hide in the background they track you and sell your information by state issued id, social security number.  The newest identifier is firms like and My Heritage, where you willing give some stranger your DNA.  Recently My was hacked and 92 million accounts information was exposed.  Don't you know that your DNA is probably more lucrative than your credit information. has also been hacked also last year.  One thing is for certain they know you and better yet they profit from you by selling you like a slave on the block, you're chattel with or without your consent and there is nothing you can do about it.  You and everything about you is shared across multiple public and private agencies, utilities and companies.

Artificial intelligence is shaping what you think and how you think about it, telling you not only what to buy, but how often you need it, promoting specific agendas, feeding you fake news, and taking increasingly aggressive steps to garner even greater control.  This isn't some future Utopian thing this is happening right now using Artificial Intelligence and no one is outside of their reach.  If you use a cell phone or use the Internet, listen to the radio, watch TV you're fair game and you can't get out of "THE MATRIX" even if you wanted to. They say you can opt out, I'm telling you that is a bold face lie THE DEEP STATE has you by the COJONES and won't let go.

So everyday you are giving a stranger your address or phone number your name and birth date stamped across your forehead like a big neon sign and yet you are forced to do this very thing every day online, with no knowledge of where that information ends up. Why? Because the Internet went from “information should be free” to being “free of information” about what’s being done with the personal data we willingly give up. Our brains are so wired to the infinite scroll of content to feed our need like dopephene junkies who need a fix. Newsflash we don’t care, or more likely, don’t think you have a choice in the matter so like sheep we are being led to slaughter all day 24/7 and 365 days per year.

In this digital age nothing is sacred your online id, user id, gamer tag, social media handle whether permanent or temporary is being managed by a complete stranger who you have entrusted.  Even the most powerful government in the world can’t protect the most sensitive information about its employees, even our banks, and credit bureau have, been compromised. We have witnessed nonstop breaches and nobody can help us certainly not the government or we look for our tech giants to entrust our information but the simple fact remains they can't, it boils down to where there is a will there is a way. 

Next Up Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain two new disruptive technologies part of Internet 2.0 and 5G networks shaping the new coming industrial revolution.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Warning Warning Will Robinson cried the robot with his arms swinging wildly.The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it. (PROVERBS 22:3)  Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.  (PROVERBS 6:6-8)    Wow ants and a robot preparing for onslaught and they are not even human.;  That being said " Since 1913, the Federal Reserve has engaged in 18 distinct interest rate hiking campaigns, and in every single one of these instances, the end result was a collapse in the stock market and recession or both. " (The Economic Collapse Blog)  WOW any person with half a brain can see a pattern, knows what will happen on this 19th time.  This time the stakes are larger with high debt loads, in personal, business and government, credit defaults, and derivatives leading the charge on a worldwide basis.  Another way of putting it is we all know high blood pressure is called the silent killer, why because you feel good, there are no symptoms then suddenly you have a stroke or a heart attack but in the back of your mind you know you should have been  exercising and watch what you eat but you didn't and low and behold a stroke or a heart attack from the silent killer that showed no warning symptoms.  

Funny thing happened here in Texas, of course the media didn't say anything.  Last week Texas has their very own Ft Knox to store your valuable gold and Silver that is outside of the banking system.  The 1st state in the USA to act upon the coming collapse. (  For us common people Silver will be one of our hedges.  Silver is attempting to take off to get back to historical norms of 10 to 1 ratio to gold.  Currently Silver is at 80 to 1 ratio, you do the math.  The Deep State and the World Elites can no longer keep a lid on things.  

Meanwhile the 10 year interest rate has risen in the fastest clip in 20 years.  This rate sets what rate you will pay for your mortgage.  As interest rates rise quickly the central banks and governments will not be able to stop the hard raining as the raging waters engulf the peoples of the world as the dikes and dams burst because of poor infrastructure because they let it get out of hand with in fighting, bickering and reckless spending no matter what party they belong to. Now it's to late and we must pay the piper. First Europe goes, infecting the world because of interrelation of world economies then our auto industry, then housing which are drivers of our economy then it spreads to other industries then deceleration and contagion. 

The next driver for implosion and explosion, not including war and natural disasters will be the strength of the US Dollar, as the Euro disintegrates and goes into never, never land and falls apart  The Euro/of Europe is in full blown crisis mode, don't think for a minute we in the United States are shielded with our blinders on and our heads in the sand they are our Achilles Heel. Collateral damage will be emerging countries economies because of the rising dollar strengthening against their home currency making it harder for them to pay back in USA dollars.  In case you didn't know the USA dollar is the reserve currency of the world and everything is bought and sold in USA Dollars. Look at it this way the US Dollar is a stock that keep rising and you want to buy it but you have limited funds on hand( emerging countries) and there is no pullback in the stock price therefore you sit on the sidelines because you can't afford it.

Now let's look at actions to take.  I wrote earlier this is the 19th Central Bank tightening and what happened the other 18 straight times.  We see Europe falling apart, next world corporations will start to forecast declining earnings, one reason will be the spike in oil prices as it reverberates through the world economies and another higher interest rates.  
1.   Get liquid...Slow your roll on debt.  Cash will be king because deals on top of deals will come around and you need to be in position to act on those deals as people in dire straits liquidate income producing assets and things of value at a fraction of what it worth.
2     Start looking at Silver, it gonna run harder than gold for the average person currently around $16 per oz, it will skyrocket in price.  Remember earlier in the article I wrote it's at 80 to 1 but historically its 10 to 1 do the math especially since it been held down by the banker's and they are loosing control, people it;s real money.
3.     Crypto/ Blockchain high tech space. 1st the leader in that ssector must fall to around $5,000 before it take off first to $30,000 then eventually to $60,000.  I know it looks dire now, but remember the real money will be made in the alt coin space (new article coming shortly on this new disruptive technology as part of internet 2.0 and new 5g networks with Artificial Intelligence)
4.    Assess your situation other words your vulnerabilities when the crisis hits.  How secure is your job, interest rates will rise quickly just like flood waters rise quickly thereby choking off and  eating into companies profits thereby layoffs will ensue.  This time the government will not be your Daddy and come to our rescue.

Lastly Pastors get ready for the harvest: Get out of your ways of people pleasing, quit diluting the message to keep church numbers up.  If you were once sold out to the Holy Spirit renew your mind again to do what is pleasing to the Holy Spirit and not what is pleasing to you.  To the people if you are sitting in a church where the Holy Spirit is no longer there run for your life back to the Holy Spirit.  Your life and the lives of those who you have been sent to deliver depend on the pure trust and anointing of the Holy Spirit and nothing else.  Yahushua, when he saw the multitudes the Bible says He was moved with compassion  because they were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd.  and He went on to say the harvest is plentiful and ask the Lord for help.  This harvest will be different than any other harvest we have seen at the same time troubles will be greater than any other we have ever witnessed before.  I leave with this...
"By faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen, in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. By this he condemned the world and he became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith." Hebrews 11:7  "The days are coming," declares the LORD, "when the reaper will be overtaken by the plowman and the planter by the one treading grapes. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills, (Amos 9:13)   GET READY, GET READY, GET READY the Trumpets have sounded, get out of your rebellious ways “Do not harden your hearts as you did at Meribah,[a]as you did that day at Massah[b] in the wilderness, (Psalm 95:8)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Progressive Watchman: THE TRUTH ILLUSIVE

The Progressive Watchman: THE TRUTH ILLUSIVE: Being a WATCHMAN is not for the feint of heart.  The messages unpopular mostly falling on deaf ears.  A WATCHMAN cannot deny what they see a...


Being a WATCHMAN is not for the feint of heart.  The messages unpopular mostly falling on deaf ears.  A WATCHMAN cannot deny what they see and discern.  There are so many shenanigans in the Western world that it must be exposed.  The Bible says you will know them by their fruits, that being said the Truth is Illusive.  Nowhere in the Western World is the truth respected.  Just like in the movie " A few Good Men" Jack Nicholson character says "You can't handle the Truth"  

Even our universities are imposing censorship and speech control.  Governments are shutting down and will eventually criminalize all explanations that differ from the official narrative.  The Western World no longer has print and TV media that tells the truth, because they are controlled by 6 corporate conglomerates, better yet Google and Facebook are now in the same boat.  They spew out propaganda for the ruling elite, whistle blowers are prosecuted and imprisoned, despite protection by Federal constitution laws.  The Dept of Justice is now a Dept of No Justice and Injustice.  The total deception, bias and corruption of mainstream media outlets birthed the rise of alternative Internet media such as WikiLeaks and others while we being labeled as conspiracy theorists just because we do our due diligence and publish our findings. 

Take the owner of WikiLeaks, he is being hunted by the USA for treason, yet he is not even an American citizen, he is Australian and Ecuadorian citizen.  Since he is not an American citizen how can he be guilty of treason, all he did was was publish official documents given to him by a whistle blower and not by Russian hackers that exposed the Deep States dirty laundry and now they are mad and want revenge and are determined to get him by any means necessary.  And we like sheep are being led astray by the official "Wag the Dog" story being painted by the Deep State and Main Stream Media outlets.  Silly people tricks are for kids.  Integrity today has no value, you cannot find it in government, in global corporations, universities, schools, media and even in the Church.  

Next up the historical meeting between Trump (USA) and Kim (North Korea).  Those two are not peacemakers and certainly not blessed.  This meeting is a bunch of double talk to deceive the nations including the Evangelical church who helped put Trump in office because they believed that he was the Cyrus the Great reincarnated who let the Jews rebuild the Temple in the Old Testament or Saul who Samuel anointed with oil to become Israel's 1st king.  But like Saul the Spirit of God left Saul and a evil spirit replaced it (1 Samuel 16:14) because of your debauchery now the Spirit of God has left America because you are the head and God can't bless mess.  If anointed kings can't get a pass so neither can presidents, God is not a respecter of persons no matter who or what you are."  See nothing just happens, and yes he was appointed in this time in history just like Obama was.  In Psalms 5:9 it states " Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with malice. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongues they tell lies."  

To get a true meaning of this historical event read Daniel 11, what comes to mind is about two kings exchanging lies across the table and its a big show just like out two party political system.  "The one rejects God and the other does not give glory to God".  Both are fatal, Democrats and Republicans just like Trump and Kim.  

Lastly we know THE TRUTH IS ILLUSIVE and we know that just like in the essay "THE BATTLEFIELD FOR OUR MINDS is in full throttle in this age of deception and corruption.  For they the Deep State and world Elites do nothing without careful planning designed to deceive even the elect.  For they were liars from the beginning, just know that everything we hear, see and read is a lie, there is no truth in them.  Just because you are being deceived I am not, I see clearly and I want you to see clearly also.  " For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil.  Don't forget this, it is THE CALM BEFORE THE WAVES OVERTAKE US.  

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Progressive Watchman: CONTAGION

The Progressive Watchman: CONTAGION: What most people don't understand is everything is interrelated, just like the ecosystem we live in.  Take nature for example, t he wate...


What most people don't understand is everything is interrelated, just like the ecosystem we live in.  Take nature for example, the water, the water temperature, plants, animals, air, light and soil all work together. ... If the animals that depend on the plants die, any animals that depend on those animals will die. Ecosystems in nature and our world that we live all work the same way. All the parts work together to make a balanced system.  In economics and finance, a contagion can be explained as a situation where a shock in a particular economy or region spreads out and affects others by way of, say, price movements. In this  context contagion effect explains the possibility of spread of economic crisis or boom across countries or regions.

We live in our own ecosystem over here in the USA we don't hear what goes on in other parts of the world, since we believe we are shielded and protected but we are not.  Here's how contagion will eventually spread to the USA.  

Government debt to GNP in the Eurozone
 Greece 177.8%   Italy 130.7%   Portugal  122.5%   Cyprus 105.7%
Belgium  101.5%  Spain  97.6%  France  96.4%  United Kingdom  86.3%
Austria  74.8%  Croatia  73.7%

A new report just came out that Deutsche Bank the largest bank in Europe has been classified as a problem bank by the FDIC and is included in a list to be watched closely.  (1) The Euro was doomed from the beginning because they wanted to have a single currency among the European nations but did not want to merge the economies.   (2) They wanted to compete with the USA but couldn't because we were one nation from day one.  (3) We have a single language.  (4) All 50 states debts are nationalized by our constitution, therefore bankrupt states like California, Illinois, New Jersey cannot bring down the whole 50 states like here in the USA.  Every week there is a new crisis coming out of these countries.  Not to mention it's a complete mess in Valenzuela and Brazil, and Japan, Korea and China slowing down drastically. 

Now you see why we see the big real estate construction cranes all over, that's foreign money flowing into the USA because the money people don't trust the governments and banking systems in those countries.  At the same time the US Dollar has escalated from a low of $88,15 to $94.13 and rising while the Euro is breaking down from a high of $125,5 and now sits at $116.5 and now the US Dollar is rising against all currencies on a worldwide basis.   It's no wonder the IMF Bank wants a disaster fund for the Eurozone.  

When things start to break down later this year in the September/October time frame the crisis will begin in Europe and contagion will spread because of the inter-related banking systems.   The powers know it but the Deep State is scared to come out about it for they do not want to be blamed when things go awry.  See Debt is every country's Achilles heel, simply put there is not enough cash flows to cover the debts, furthermore there is no viable solution.  Raising taxes and cutting benefits will not cut it in Europe or South America  with their high unemployment and run away inflation, where is the money going to come from.  (2-1=1) get it...With the USA's rise in our interest rates and the escalating strengthening of the USA dollar the reserve currency of the world will eventually push these nations in default.   Last count there are 100+ country's on the verge of default.  Could war be possibly around the corner?

Therefore we are just as my essays HOUSE OF CARDS and CRASH AND BURN are in full effect.  It's simple math and physics, hence contagion takes place because human nature won't prepare just like in the Days of Noah until the dam breaks and wave after wave overtakes us while we sit in front of our TV sets like zombies with our Wilful Blindness condition and not prepare because we are Ole Foolish Galatians bamboozled and hoodwinked into believing the government can and will save us...they said the TITANTIC (USA) was unsinkable ...not, it sunk, so prepare ye the way the time is at hand, the trumpets have sounded by your Watchman crying out as a voice in the wilderness.  In the Bible there are always forewarners of events before they happen, mostly falling on deaf ears.  In Habakkuk 2 it states "For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. " How long not long, get ready, get ready, get ready.