Tuesday, May 1, 2018


It's time to invest in Weed.  Yes I said it and Yes it's still illegal substance by the Federal Government, but there are legal ways to make money in the weed game. But 1st a little history.  We all know that the Kennedy family made their money along with the Mafia during the whiskey prohibition period.  Whiskey was never outlawed in Canada, so what did Al Capone do, he went to Canada and struck a deal with the Samuel Bronfman a Canadian whiskey distiller of whiskey.  In case you don't know who he is, Bronfman was the founder and owner of Seagram's, Liquors.  surely you have heard of this company.  See it was completely legal for him to sell to Al Capone on Canadian soil and let Capone take the risk of transporting the whiskey into the states namely into Chicago.  See Bronfman made the liquor for $24 a barrel and sold it to Al Capone for $140 a barrel see it was all business. The Kennedy's did the same thing.So by the time prohibition ended both Bronfman and the mafia were able to parlay those margins into huge profits.  As a matter of fact the Canadian government didn't care because Bronfman paid taxes on his sales.  

Now Canada is about to do the same thing with Weed.  In June Canada's Weed business will be completely legal to smoke there for recreational and medical use.  In Canada they have already had a 17 year start for weed because of their understanding of weeds use in the medical field.  I see the same dynamics of Prohibition era getting ready to happen in the USA.  President Obama got the ball rolling and now Trump says he will not interfere with states who have legalized weed use for medical or recreational use. to date 29 states plus Washington D.C. have legalized medical weed use and 9 other States have approved recreational use.  Now FOLLOW THE MONEY....NY Governor Cuomo states he is for legalization of weed.   Former House Speaker John Boehner has just joined a weed advisory investment firm.  Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, announced he would introduce a bill to decriminalize weed.  at the federal level.So now we got the heavy weights on board, it's only a matter of time before weed is legal in all 50 states. 

FOLLOW THE MONEY, what's next, Canada's weed market is about to explode from about a couple billion a year to estimated 23 Billion in sales..Newsflash Canada's beer market is only 9 billion.  So now it's time to invest legally into Canadian firms in the weed space.  Canadian Weed Companies and USA companies in the weed business are freely traded on our stock exchanges, therefore you can freely and legally get into the weed business in a indirect manner.  I see weed taking it's place among liquor companies.  Also I see eventually the tobacco companies getting into the weed business as a natural progression of things.Canadian growers will be exporting to countries like Germany, Australlia, New Zealand, Columbia, USA any many more as countries continue to legalize weed.  Weed will no longer be in the shadows, it's gonna get legalized in the USA because of what? FOLLOW THE MONEY,,,THE BIG BOYZ ON BOARD NOW....GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN.

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