Monday, May 14, 2018


Something is changing in the atmosphere, I can feel it can you feel it? I can see it can you see it?  The wind of change is sweeping all around us on a world wide basis.  A global trend is emerging and the people are speaking whether you like it are not the wind of change is in the atmosphere, changing economically, politically, socially and religiously. This wave of political change brought Trump to power, BRXIT, Hungary election against the EU, Catalonia rising up in Spain, and the Italian election just to mention a few.  See the pundits got it wrong that’s how Trump came to power whether you like it or not the winds of change is in the atmosphere.

In other changes the powers that be are trying to massage the numbers that they spew out to the gullible sheep.  Last Thursday Inflation numbers came out which was totally bogus.  While energy, housing, healthcare, food, insurance taxes and numerous other prices are exploding higher, the Bureau of Labor Statistics somehow managed to claim that inflation only rose a measly 0.2% in April.  The real story is the old adage of how General Motors goes is how the average person and the country is doing. Ford said they will no longer  be selling cars except the mustang or GM no longer reporting sales on a monthly basis means people not buying cars.  I said before a F150 in 1969 was $2500 now the average one is $45,000 that a 1800% increase.  Bet your income didn’t rise like that.  So where is the point of no return where the people rise up and say no more and vote with their wallet.  It was also reported that kids 24-36, almost 33% of them are living at home with momma and daddy. (  I wonder why? It couldn’t possibly be high debt load from going to college, or rental and housing prices escalating, or maybe it’s the bogus job creation numbers, low unemployment rate, or the quality gigs that actually pay real quality money and not UBER money? Do you know what the unemployment rate is in the European Union in some places the official rate is almost 20% and growing, no wonder people are in the streets protesting or the big construction cranes you see all over is foreign money flowing into the USA. Because money is funny over there and eventually because we are so intertwined contagion will flow here too.

Why did the American Revolution or the Civil War start?  Taxation without representation.  In Illinois people are exiting…hmm they have the one of the highest tax rates in the USA.  They are about to impose a 1% tax over 30 years on your home. Houses worth 250K would pay an additional $2500 per year, 500,000 homes $5,000 and homes $1,000,000 would pay $10,000 per year.  That’s on top of the 2.67% tax rate on property the highest in the nation.   In Cook county (Chicago) the average rate is almost 5%.  Could it be one reason for urban plight?  It is following the EXACT pattern as the fall of the city of Rome itself. Constantine the Great moved the Roman capital from Rome to Constantinople around 330AD. Rome lost its status, as corruption and taxes rose. More and more people just walked away from their property for there was NO BUYERS.  

Why are they imposing this tax? Pension system is underfunded that’s why.  The Pension crisis is worldwide, so here in the USA states with high tax rates people are leaving in droves.  In Illinois Pensioners get automatic cost of Living adjustment yearly of 3%.  It’s not rocket science, it's a Ponzi scheme just like social security, it’s simple math…connect the dots the numbers don't add up in the new math 1+1=3:( Number of retirees receiving benefits divided by number of people paying in+ bad year or years of return + inflation+ etc) because assumptions are made of certain returns over a certain period of time.  In the real world there are multiple factors that reflect on rate of return and none of us or them are tea leaf readers.  

Let’s look at the numbers more closely, lets say you bought your home in 1978 for $100,000 over 40 years you paid $2,500 yearly in taxes which is $100,000 then you sell in 2018 for $250,000 for a $150,000 profit. Of course the state and the federal government want their cut, plus your real estate agent 6%.  Better yet if you keep your home and own it free and clear and don’t pay your taxes, bet your home gets confiscated and sold for whatever price they can get as long as the taxes are covered. Light bulb Awakening!!! THE NUMBER ONE SUPPRESSOR OF PEOPLE IS THE GOVERNMENT NOT THE RICH, DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS, LIBERAL OR CONSERVATIVE FOR IT’S THE SAME COIN, ONE SIDE IS HEAD THE OTHER TAILS YET IT’S THE SAME COIN.  Take a inventory of the root cause of the things talked about in this article the  winds of change what is the common denominator. Eventually there is a point of no return and there is a reset how long not long the winds of change is in the atmosphere.

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