Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Government Thinks they are Like gods

Here me out before you want to burn me at the stake and charge me with heresy, Solomon was the wisest man ever.  There is an account in the Bible where he is judge and jury between two women who live in the same house both have babies within the same time, one baby dies and the other one steals the baby and claims the baby is hers. Walla he determines whose baby it is just like something Perry Mason would do.  In the article the “The Winds of Change”  I said the number one suppressor of the people is the Government not the rich.  Let’s delve into this further. Just like king Solomon was judge and jury so is the government. Today, governments profit from prosecutions and therein lies the problem. They are the judge and prosecutor so there is a conflict of interest that cannot be overcome.

In Federal court the conviction rate is now 93%.  What about eminent domain where the government takes your property because they want it with or without compensation. What about Civil Asset forfeiture they can take your stuff without any justification.  Law enforcement officers they declare the cash in your pocket might be from a drug crime, money laundering or terrorism without having to prove you did anything so they just seize it. The prisons are filled with people buying, selling, or using marijuana. There is absolutely no evidence of it creating some great harm. Heroin is an opioid drug, which is a completely different class. They allowed pill-mills for things like Oxycontin which is the brand name for oxycodone or Hydrocodone an opioid, and then outlawed the pill-mills just because people of a certain class are on this legal drug bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical companies thru the bought and paid for FDA and are now dope phene zombies.  Now they are bullying the doctors because rich privileged people are the abusers.

In the governments never ending hunt for your cash they have become Bloodsuckers, just like ticks, leaches and vampires.  As governments move closer to default starting later this year, governments will always bites the hand that feeds them namely the people. Now they want to outlaw cash.  Why?  This is part of the mark of the beast.  Not bringing religion into it let’s look at the governments reason.  (1)  They want to outlaw black markets economies.  by outlawing this they can tax you to the gill and track everything.  With business they can account for every dime coming in and going out.   I will say this again before it all said and done Osama Bin Laden will go down as as one of the most influential people in history for he single handily brought in Home Land Security and a whole host of monitoring activities to intrude in our personal lives disguised as terrorism laws.  (2) They want to able to steal with impunity, what I mean if cash is digital electronics “ a glitch” or a “computer error.” With nothing but electronic “quatloos” for you Star Trekies to your credit, you possess nothing tangible…therefore, it’s easier to take away. (3) they want to track your every transaction and to monitor you as a person by doing this they know your every move, what you think economically, socially, religiously and socially.Again "Warning Warning Will Robinson"

 (4) In the essay the Deep State and the beginning of the Fall part 2 written January 24,2018 I mentioned House Bill 4760 quietly being passed which is tied into Homeland Security and the Dept of Treasury. In that house bill The Biometric ID was passed.  for all Americans. this ID CARD will have your fingerprints, retinal display, facial recognition, social security number, credit info, scans of your veins, the back of your hands which can be used as a tracking device all tied to a massive database using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology  and Quantum Computing used in the coming 5G networks You will not be able to hold a job, open a bank account,  board a plane, use your credit card which will be tied into this id. Employers will be required to purchase machine to verify who you are.  See this is nothing new it's already been used in most of the G20 countries, it's now here in the States.

What does this mean they will be able to shut you down as fast as The Flash runs and they won’t have to prove anything, denying all our rights granted to us by the constitution. By the time you spend huge amounts of money to prove you are innocent or detained indefinitely, you’re on the Blacklist.  I also failed to mention that India was the 1st G20 country to outlaw cash and is being used as the test case for other members of the G20. 

Who do u believe...its obvious people have drunk the Kool Aide...socialism vs capitalism; liberalism vs conservatism; truth vs non truth; race against race, Main stream Media vs non traditional Media. Its a war for our minds thru divide and conquer...the power structure/Deep State/ Government is pulling all stops to retain their system of power and control. I keep going back to IF YOU TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH IT BECOMES THE TRUTH OR "THE WAG THE DOG" movie script... The Truth is it's always been a battlefield for your mind since the beginning of time... 

So while the the people are asleep at the wheel and being led to slaughter by the narrative being spewed by the Deep State they are pulling a fast one, a smoke screen, an end around the okey doke on our elect, which includes our pastors and prophets asleep at the wheel..  watching "The Outer Limits , with the words do not adjust your TV sets do not attempt to adjust the picture...We repeat there is nothing wrong with your Television sets...just sit quietly."   So in the end the government thinks they are like gods only they are not they cannot be cuz we will turn off our television sets.

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