Sunday, April 15, 2018


PT Barnum will ever be immortalized for two things. 1st the saying of there is a sucka born every minute and 2nd for being credited as “The Greatest Showman” ever.  One of his scams was he had the oldest living natural wonder woman ever, she was supposedly a 161 years old Black slave that was supposedly George Washuington’s nanny but in realty after the autopsy she was just 80, but the fact remained he suckered countless fans.  This brings me to the DEEP STATE, TRUMP,PUTIN AND LIL ROCKET MAN as Trump calls the North Korean leader.  Now the facts: USA vs Russia
What is clear is that the United States historically has been one of the biggest liars ever.  Remember my premise EVERYTHING WE SEE, HEAR AND READ IS A LIE. OR TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH IT BECOMES THE TRUTH.   Now our lies threaten world peace.  There is evidence that every single war we have ever been in is a lie.  the invasion of Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction when it was all about oil and making money for Dick Cheney’s friends. Sadly, George Bush Jr will go down in history for being the aggressor, when it would be a miracle if he even knew where Iraq was to begin with.  Or what about Bin Laden had cronies strike the world trade center in New York City when clearly it was an implosion from the ground up, newsflash if you know anything about physics and building construction, high rise buildings are type 1 fire resistance made of steel and fire resistant concrete so therefore planes hitting a tower 100 stories up would not make a building fall,  Then there was the fake news that Vietnam attacked the USA. Even Lyndon Johnson lied to the nation on TV and privately said the Americans were probably shooting at whales that night not a Vietnamese attack.  Even the sinking of the Lusitania was a deliberate act by the USA to enter World War 1.  Operation Northwood during the Kennedy era was a CIA operation where American citizens were killed and blamed on Cuba. Now comes Syria, on March 29th the Trumpster announced the USA was leaving Syria, funny  thing happened a couple days later supposedly Syria and Russia gas people...WOW...SMELLS,,,Every single war has been started with fake news all so some in the Military get to play with their toys no matter how many boys die for their games.
The Bible talks about binding the strongman and what happens when the strongman is removed, a vacuum is created and the state is worst than before.  Saddam Hussein was the strong man in the middle east he kept radical Islam in check, but we removed him for the greed of money.
Now the big questions are, is it our job to police what goes on in the world? Do we have a divine right to intervene in internal politics or civil wars in other countries? Why aren’t we sending in our military when in Portugal they are slaughtering their own people because people are protesting against high unemployment, taxes and want to succeed from Portugal's  rule?  When did the American people give the OK to lower our standard of living to fund the military to police the world? Why do we have to push freedoms and democracy when we don’t have it over here?  So self righteous and hypocritical with our prideful arrogant selves.
The military establishment looks in the mirror and sees only that they wear a white hat. They have destroyed the American dream and do not even know it.They have sacrificed the American standard of living to fund their wars while the DEEP STATE lines their pockets and we the American people believe the narrative  being PT Barnumed to us. (SUCKAS)   True, they defended the people against Hitler but there is no threat of an invasion by Russia or China anywhere in the world.  Especially Russia, they are not looking to invade squat.  We all know it’s about FOLLOW THE MONEY…IT'S ABOUT THE COMPETING PIPELINES WITH SYRIA BEING THE CROSSROADS one backed by Russia and the other USA backed that will feed Europe oil and gas in a more economical cost structure.
You know Kennedy was assassinated for going against the grain of the military and the banksters, he openly questioned why we were funding ,building and maintaining  military bases all over the world.  Better yet he openly questioned raising taxes on the American people plus wanting a precious metals backed dollar so the banksters couldn't print money into oblivion.  AGAIN FOLLOW THE MONEY. So how does a chemical weapon attack inside Syria justify US involvement? It does not. The United Nations definition of an aggressor is a use of force against another sovereign nation. Not an internal civil war. There is no absolute proof that the Syrian government even used chemical weapons. The mercenaries know the game. Like Operation Northwoods, if they kill their own people and blame Syria, then the USA will rush in and support the Islamic terrorists. We are played for fools as always by the Deep State. Today it is being reported the USA, France and UK unleashed 100 Tomahawk missiles into three empty suspected chemical plants, nobody was killed , then it is reported Syrians then danced in the streets.  This attack was only the Trumpster pulling out and waving is BIG USELESS THANG...LOL... MY THANG IS BIGGER THAN YOUR THANG...LOL

History is littered with defeats when a country is stretched to the gills on multiple fronts.  Both Napoleon, Hitler, as well as Japan, all lost in war because they waged conflicts on too many fronts. When you piss off the world, you end up with too many enemies and the old saying that two enemies will unite whenever they have a common enemy.  By the UN’s definition we have no business fooling with Syria, better yet who knows history, who understands Syria’s role in the battle of Gog vs Magog mentioned in the Bible and the Koran and the end times. 

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