Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Our Deep State industrial Military Complex is selling WAR Weapons, materials to both sides. War is Money....I also submit to you that every PRESIDENT since Franklin D Roosevelt has been bought off by the Deep State our 4th branch of Government including President Obama and now Trump. Wars and rumors of wars is in the air. We are being programmed and desensitized daily and nobody cares. .it's been said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Deep State was a liar from the beginning, their job is to lie, steal and destroy all at our expense....TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH IT BECOMES THE TRUTH.

Here's the Truth, but first a history lesson.  When World War 3 breaks out it will be in Syria. Why Syria, comes out of the old Assyrians in the Bible. It is the crossroads between Asia and the West. The Assyrian empire back in the day was a warrior society model and produced the most fearsome warriors of it’s time. They used chariots,iron weapons and siege equipment long before their piers to dominate their enemies. Assyria was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This place is mentioned in the Christian Bible and the Islamic Koran for the battle of Gog and Magog. Now this place is a focal point of strife between United States and Russia. Is this a coincidence I don't think so.  
     Syria has always been strategic throughout recorded history. You had to pass through it between Babylon and Egypt. However, as world trade began to emerge, the connections between China and the ancient Roman Empire were fully developed through the Silk Road. Spices were always worth their weight in gold and even during the Middle Ages, bankers were called “pepper-men” because pepper was more valuable than gold by weight.
     After the death of Alexander the Great, Syria was divided up among his generals and the city Antioch was founded.  Antioch quickly rose to become the Syrian capital. Antioch flourished due to trade. Caravan merchants began to bring goods from China to the marketplace in Antioch. This was the beginning of the Silk Road in ancient times. Antioch benefited from Roman rule, it is also mentioned countless times in the New Testament, tradition holds that the first Gentile church was founded in Antioch, (Acts 11:20-21), where it is recorded that the disciples of Yahushua (Jesus Christ) were first called Christians :(Acts 11:19-26). It was from Antioch that Paul started on his missionary journeys.
     There is hard evidence which demonstrates that there was direct contact between Rome and China going back to the period of early Roman times. The connection point between East and West has ALWAYS been Syria. China is also backing Syria with money. The Chinese are looking to build on the old world power position of the historic Silk Road (One belt, one road). China has never actively participated in the war militarily but has ensured financing their goals. Syria maintains close economic relations with Russia and China because of the stupidity of the Western world.
     As strange as it might sound, China has more skin-in-the-game with Syria than Russia. The Russians had to intervene after (1) the US was conspiring with Qatar to get a pipeline through Syria to compete with Russia selling energy to Europe, and when became apparent that the international and Islamist mercenaries also posed a threat to Southern Russia. Russia and China clearly complement each other on the worldwide stage of politics. Both suffered Communist revolutions and they are the most important security players in that part of the world. China has provided the economic security while Russia provides the military security.    . 

The smell test, a picture is worth a thousand words.  


Part 2 of the story is the United States imposed sanctions on Russia for interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign. Russia's stock market is about to crash.  The Russian government will retaliate against the tightened US sanctions. Clearly, the actions of the Congress are unjustified and intended to provoke a confrontation.  Now the Deep State just did a false flag event in Syria of another chemical attack and our hothead easily influenced knucklehead leader is falling in the old PT Barnum axiom of a SUCKA IS BORN EVERY MINUTE.  Now the Sucka has pledge forceful US response.  In fact the US just deployed the Truman strike group and 7 warships to the Mediterranean region within 150 miles of Syria and Putin is furious because we did not give customary notice of being in the area.  Oh I forgot to mention that Iran is threatening to start their nuclear enrichment program in the next 4 days.  Next question I've said this before why would Assad pull a chemical attack on his own people when he knows consequences are around the corner.  This is classic false flag event by the Dark Forces unleashed.  Remember a false flag event describes covert operations designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by a individual ,entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

In conclusion we need to put on our whole armour to fight and recognize their schemes "for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil for they the Deep State and other sinister elites do nothing without careful planning in false flag events.  So we are left with "THE CALM BEFORE THE WAVES OVERTAKE US'. essay written MARCH 26, 2018. Remember each wave of events will get bigger and bigger, the esclispe of August 21 over North America showed us Elohim has relinquished and abandoned the United States which he followed up with super moons in January including a super moon that turned into a Blood Red Moon.  Ole foolish Galatians (U.S.) who has bewitched you, the midnight hour is upon us.  Get Ready, get ready, get ready.

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  1. Excellent article! A much needed perception in these last days that are upon us. Question: Where do you receive your indepth resource of information?