Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Events are aligning up in 2018 the New Begginning.  God is showing us signs and wonders which of course man tries to explain away.  This year we have had 2 Super Blue Moons in January and now comes 2 more March 01 which is the Jewish holioday Purim and Passover March 31.  March is also called the Ides of March,March is also nmamed after the Roman God of War.  Which we will attach North Korea this month and Isreal may attack Iran... Hmmm.   Next up NISAN 17 where multiple historical events have taken place.

 Using the Biblical Hebrew calendar, Nisan 17 starts at sunset on Saturday March 26 and ends at sunset on Sunday March 27. Using the modern Hebrew calendar, Nisan 17 begins at sunset on Sunday April 24 and ends at sunset on Monday April 25. So to know the timing of the crash, we have to know which calendar God is using.
Ancient Israel based their calendar on observations of the moon with each new moon marking the beginning of a new month. Today, a remnant of devoted Jews still rely on this practice to identify their holy days, but most have adopted the modern Hebrew calendar, which is inaccurate by design, moving certain holy days so they don’t occur on certain days of the week, like the Sabbath (Source: Wikipedia).

Some Historical events have happen on Nisan 17.

Here is a cut and paste of events:

Nissan 17, Noah’s Ark safely rested on Mt. Ararat (Gen 8:4) Note that the seventh month was later designated as the first month at the time of the Exodus (Ex. 12:2).
Nissan 17, Hebrews entered Egypt (Exo 12:40-41) 430 years before deliverance.
Nissan 17, Moses led the Israelites through the Parting of the Red Sea (Exo 3:18, 5:3)
Nissan 17, Israel entered and ate the first fruit of the Promised Land (Joshua 5:10-12)
Nissan 17, The cleansing fo the Temple by Hezekiah (eight hundred years after entering the promised land. (2 Chronicles 29:1-28)
Nissan 17, Queen Esther saved the Jews from Elimination (Esther 3:12, 5:1)
Nissan 17, The Resurrection of Messiah (think about it)
Now If you are a person that is a bettor.  Nisan 17 will be a doozy this year assuming I have my dates right.  This year has already come in with a bang, who knows the mind of God, certaninly not me, all I can say is get ready.

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