Wednesday, March 28, 2018

FACEBOOK STORING YOUR PHONE CALLS, TEXTS for years since Android 4.1 (Jellybean) if you installed messenger you automatically gave Facebook the right for these intrusion into your life. (Facebook info has been used by the NSA (National Security Agency) CIA and Homeland Security to track you, Also if you are on Instagram those same permissions are in effect They also know your exact location, can spy on you thru your camera...Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted as calling the people dumb F..,Ks...You Iphone users are not exempt also...GOOGLE you up next..they have your info also and are also used by the 3 above security agencies.

early investors in Google CIA, NSA and Homeland Securitty who have exclusive data from these two companies
1. everytime you turn on your phone they know where you are and follow you to your destination from the 1st time u turned on your phone, they even have a timeline of every place you have been in the last 12 months
2. they have a search history accross all your devices, so even if you delete your search history they still have info on you because all your devices are linked...there is a way to delete the info..not sharing unless asked
3. They create an advertising profile on you like your location, gender, age, career interest, relationship status, income
4. They have access to all your apps and how u use them and for what purpose
5. they store all your Youtube data history
6. They have all your bookmarks accross alll devices, email, contacts on your phone and computer,they have all your photos you have ever taken on your phone, they have your skype videos or any other video transmission, they have everything you ever used Google to buy anything
7. They know the music you listen to,, they have your calendar of your events, any website you have ever been too
FAcebook has similar info,,all yall who installed messenger or facebook you have given them the right to do all of this.
See all of this is beginning stages of the Mark of the Beast..also house bill 4760 signed in Novwember will usher in the New Biometrics ID...and yall wonder why I don't install Google and Facebook on anything..I warned yall early 2017 about this.....

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