Thursday, February 22, 2018


I don't have a gun, but I'm not about to let the state dictate if I can have one or not. Yea guns are used  but they don't shoot by themselves.  I will purchase one to protect myself and my family from the coming collapse.  The whole issue with gun control is that it focuses on criminals not crazies that do all the mass shootings.  See gun control should focus on people who have mental health issues.  There should be a note from the physician who attends to this person that there are no mental issues. There should be a profile regarding the family. Has there been any mental illness? All of these types of checks are far more important, If someone enters a mental health program, they should have to surrender any guns/weapons they have until they are cleared if ever. These are basic common sense approaches. Those who immediately want to ban all guns are then attacking others who would not fit this profile because they blame the gun rather than the person. Someone who is mentally ill may still kill others with a bow and arrow, knife or a baseball bat. Banning assault rifles is one thing, banning all guns only disarms the average citizen for the criminals who buys their guns off the street.  .  

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