Thursday, January 11, 2018


Holy is my Father Abba , the Father of all grace mercies and peace.  Behold!!! REPENT for the time of shaking has begun.  Everything you know is about to change.  Your world as you know it is about to be turned upside down, everything will be shaken.  Elohim showed us the Eclipse over America which means abandonment, relinquishment  yet we still have not taken heed.  He showed us his might within a 40-day period after the eclipse.  Elohim just ushered in A Super Moon that brought in the new year after midnight on January 1st and 2nd now the saying “once in a blue moon” which we will see on January 31st as another sign.
On every level whether economic, political, social or religious, conditions are shaky.  Since we are a world so interconnected what happens in one part of the world ripples to other parts of the world, in other words for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction effect cause and effect.  Whose report do you believe, the heathen Deep State leaders or has your “Willful Blindness”  or "Normalcy Bias" which has taken over and blinded you from the cares of this world therefore you can't see clearly.  The WORD states " for waywardness of the naive  shall kill them, for they are fools and their own complacency will destroy them." Since we are blinded a great shaking will occur economically, socially, politically and religiously in 2018. 

One of the things that will happen is many churches will fall.  The churches built on shifting sand will fall.  YEHOSHUA will expose the greed, fornication, idolatry of these churches.  But those churches built on a solid foundation when the Great Awakening occurs will flourish, not those who feed the flocks with a watered down lukewarm wimpy message that we are seeing and hearing in many churches of today.  Many of you are offended, with itching ears.  But without this shaking economically, politically, socially and religiously how can we have widespread change, how can opportunity arise, how can the Last be First and the First be Last, know that GOD is in control not man.  Praise Him  for His thoughts are not our thoughts and our ways or not His ways.  Therefore there is gonna be a shaking, how long not long.

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