Wednesday, January 24, 2018

MARK of The BEAST More Evidence is here NOW

In the essay the Deep State and the beginning of the Fall part 2 I mentioned House Bill 4760 quietly being passed which is tied into Homeland Security and the Dept of Treasury.  The mark of the beast is here which requires a BIOMETRIC ID for all Americans. this ID CARD will have your fingerprints, retinal display, facial recognition,social security number, credit info, scans of your veins, the back of your hands which can be used as a tracking device all tied to a massive database using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology  and Quantum Computing used in the coming 5G networks You will not be able to hold a job, open a bank account,  board a plane, use your credit card which will be tied into this id. Employers will be required to purchase machine to verify who you are.  See this is nothing new it's already been used in most of the G20 countries , now here in the States.

The devil pulled a fast one, a smoke screen, an end around on our elect, which includes our pastors and prophets asleep at the wheel..  watching "The Outer Limits , with the words do not adjust your TV sets do not attempt to adjust the picture...We repeat there is nothing wrong with your Television sets...just sit quietly."  While the devil pulled the ole okey doke.

So you will be using the mark, so what you gonna do now.  Don't cry foul, don't say you're not going to use it, blame the powers(CIA, the Deep State) who used Osama Bin Laden  the scape goat, poster child for terrorism using a false flag event to start Homeland Security.  See the Devil appears as an angel of light, he divided us using schemes, like patriotism money laundering and  terrorism.  Ole Foolish Galatians who has bewitched you before your very eyes, that they came to lie, steal, kill and destroy." So here I stand the "truth remains that the light of the wicked will be snuffed out" and exposed for all to see.

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