Friday, December 1, 2017

The Progressive Watchman: WAYS TO PLAY THE CRYPTO MARKET

The Progressive Watchman: WAYS TO PLAY THE CRYPTO MARKET: Every night in the news if you are paying attention you hear of BITCOIN going to all time highs.  It recently touched 10,600 per coin.  Bitc...


Every night in the news if you are paying attention you hear of BITCOIN going to all time highs.  It recently touched 10,600 per coin.  Bitcoin went from $.30 in 2011 to over $10,600 yesterday,  Matter of fact at the beginning of 2017 it was 1k per coin what a staggering increase.  If you would have invested $100 in 2011 that stake would now be worth almost $3 million. today.  So what is a Bitcoin and why is going up so fast.  Bitcoin and other coins  are a cryptocurrency. "cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. A cryptocurrency is difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature."  Cryptocurrencies are in vogue because our banking system are unstable, and in the instability in governments in their never ending hunt for your assets (things you own and MONEY)  These alternative forms of money have been favorite ways for drug traffic traders, or arms and gun traffic dealers, terrorist group, money launderers or people who wanted to stay off of the grid  to transfer payments over the dark web un-noticed.  This crypto marketplace now is over $100 billion, as more and more businesses are adding alternative crypto currencies as forms of payments.and this segment of the market is now been a major wake up call for the old school playas who run the world the banks, wall street and governments, Not even negative comments coming from the banking establishment or the Chinese government that they will close exchanges can dampen this freight train, plus the ole school boys are launching futures contracts starting December 2018.

Now most of us don't have 10K to flop down on a single coin, there are other plays in this space as this new frontier in technology opens up. Here are some other alternative coins in the space that are highly traded and under $400 but all of these were a around $3 t the beginning of the year.  Here are my 4 favorites ...Ethereum, Litecoin which is a true alternative to Bitcoin with heavy backers, and the next two I will lump together because they are true stealth plays: ZCASH & Monero.  All of these alternative cryptos using Blockchain technology are very volatile.

NOW lets get into the technology behind these and companies that have not taken off yet because people don't understand the technology yet. These companies are setup to reshape the way people transact business and interact in the global commercial marketplace like small business growth, employee payroll networks, B2B and D2C transactions as well aw equity debt financing.  Now the old adage  if you can't beat em join em" 

the 1st I like is Ripple , Ripple is a payment network and the payment protocol that powers it.  Many banks  and large corportions across the world use it as a settlement infrastructure.

2nd is Global Blockchain Technology Corp...they fund  and invest in ICO's, initial coin offerings in the blockchain technology space kinda like a ETF.

3rd is OmiseGO  they are a real time  peer-to-peer e-wallet platform based upon the Etherum open system platform 

4th is Factom they ensure integrity in blockchain transactions.

5th  is Javvy is working on a way to exchange cryptocurrency safely and securely via a e wallet online and eliminate the need to have multiple web accounts.

Cryptocurrencies are no different from any other investment product. It is a misrepresentation that they offer an alternative to the dollar. No matter how much money one made on Bitcoin, they still have to sell it to realize that profit and how are they measuring that profit? In dollars of course.
Beware of the fraud in these trading platforms that are now suddenly freezing people’s accounts claiming security to prevent people from selling particularly the smaller new cryptocurrencies.  But these alternative forms of crytos are here to stay why, now our top ivy league universities and other universities are offering degrees in this even taking payments in these currencies plus cryptos are decentralized. Unlike conventional currency, they are not controlled or regulated by some singular authority, their flow is determined entirely by market demand. They are also near impossible to counterfeit, thanks to the paranoidly complicated code system that encrypts each and every transfer, ensuring complete anonymity and utter safety to each and every user.  Eventually the Deep State and the establishment will come on board after they crash and burn the stock market and pop the real estate market and other asset bubbles ....follow the has to go somewhere, some older people or the people who don't understand much about computer and technology might now want to put money in crypto, so i think those people would choose precious metals.  but some of my recommendations outside of the currencies itself will be adoptable protocols.  Back in the day people frowned on the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon,Apple,Netflix, Google) the internet as a fad now they are everywhere.  Technology is rapidly changing but man's mind is the same since the beginning of time as Solomon said there is nothing new under the sun except technology changes.  How many people now have smartphones, they do everything that a computer can do, matter of fact i'm lost without mine.