Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Bigger the Harder the Fall

Pride before destruction, haughtiness before the fall.  That describes the arrogant United States, other countries are plotting against us, but when you are the big bad sucker on the block they can't take us head on because of our size, strength, and influence.  So what do they do, they go commando style.  The United States Dollar is the reserve currency of the world, everything is traded in US Dollars it's the common share of the United States, but that may soon be coming to an end.  China and Russia want an alternative currency to the Dollar.  Oil Rich Venezuela has ordered that they will not trade in Dollars.  See the United States get a piece of every world wide exchange that done in Dollars just like VISA and MasterCard does when you use your credit card.
Also Everybody thinks China is communist country.  They moved away from Communism 20 years ago.  China learned its lessons that communism and socialism doesn't work.  Whereas the United States and Europe are going backwards, burdened with government being your daddy programs and we don't have the infrastructure anymore of made in America muscle.  We the United States have moved to a services economy which doesn't support what we are trying to do.  While while we are muscling everybody around the world , China is making everything with their cheap labor, they copy everything, they saw our formula for success .  Therefore, since they copy the good things its only natural they want their currency to be the reserve currency of the world, increase their military and build influence around the world. Where does that leave the prideful, arrogant United States, out in the cold no empire has every lasted.  The Eclipse on America that GOD showed us, HE is now relinquishing His Countenance on America we have gone the way of Balum including the silent Church, but there is a remnant of the Church that will be blessed.  So big bad America, and the too big to fail mentality, the fall will be hard.  GOD is speaking to us.  Wake up we cannot serve 2 gods, there is only one true God, ELOHIM, EL SHADDAI,, ADONAI, YAHWEH, JEHOVAH,RAPHA, JEHOVAH TSIDKENU., ABBA...CALL ON HIM and HIS son YESHUA we gonna need HIM as signs increase in intensity.

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