Friday, August 25, 2017


August 25, 2017

The events in Charlottesville were appalling, it's right on center stage for all the world to see the bridge between the races, the elites and the working people.  Rodney King stated "can't we all just get along".  Even though in some ways Trump is right, it's enough blame to go around on both sides.   The whole thing with White Supremacists dressed in fatigues as well as the people standing and shouting on the side lines was a powder keg waiting to happen, what did you think was gonna happen.  Jim Crow and Black Codes is over.  What is the problem? Why can't we have constructive diaologue about race issues that affect this country?  The hatred building between the races is escalating, it's only a matter of time before a full scale race war develops.
          Let's go back in history...The history of working class whites is one of collective resistance both individually and by groups throughout history against the rich and elites that hold power over our lives.White working class. IE... KKK and fringe militias have been foot soldiers for the political and economic elite, using genocide and oppression against people of color.  They have instituted laws like Jim Crow and Black Codes, or subjectcateing the new people of color the Mexicans having them to work like slaves, to favor white workers at the expense of people of color.  They have used these laws and new laws to keep people of color impoverished and unstable.
    Now after the Civil War, which was not actually fought to free slaves.  Because actually only about 35% of whites owned slaves, it was fought because  because the industrialized north demanded that southern states sell its cotton and other raw materials only to northern companies and not sell overseas for more money, thus the southern states felt they had no rights., thus the old adage of taxation without representation just like the the cause of the American Revolution.  IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.
    Many southern whites were devastated economically by the Civil War.  The loss of capital invested in slaves, and the life savings that had been patriotically invested in Confederate bonds, reduced many whites to poverty.  Some were compelled for the first times in their lives to do physical labor.  Those who managed to resume their former life believed it was impossible to make a profit using free Black labor.  Now there were millions of free Black people who could do what they wanted to do with a small white population especially men. It was widely believed among whites that Blacks would only do work if they were coerced.  Plus you had many Blacks who wanted to work for themselves or sign contracts to work for plantation owners.  Many old plantation owners wrote into contracts details provisions that Blacks work in labor gangs like slavery and obey the landowners employer every command.  But contracts could not make submissive slaves like before because they could always pick up and leave.  With Black people demanding 40 acres and a mule was nixed by the United States government.  Sharecropping arose, where Blacks rented a portion of the land in return the landowner got minimum of 50 to 66% percent of the crop, thus it kept most Blacks in poverty.  Also Black women devoted time to raising families and children went to school thus more free labor off the market.  As a result landowners complained there was a labor shortage, which was another way of saying they missed that free labor and the Blacks could not be controlled like before when slavery existed. Plus you had many Blacks pick up and leave for the Northern cities with their more diverse work opportunities.
Since there was a cash shortage, wide use of credit to make purchases at loan sharking rates further kept poor whites and Blacks in poverty especially for goods coming from the Northern states at absorbent rates.  Many whites from the north saw an exploitation opportunity to fleece southern whites and freed Blacks.  With Blacks essentially being the same as whites now, and whites devastated  economically and now poor and lots of white men dead from the war, white resentment started and we had the White Supremacist Rednecks move to the forefront as whites wanted to maintain control of the old caste system of whites on top and Blacks on the bottom.
     With former slaves establishing their own churches, schools, seeking economic freedoms and demanding civil rights and political rights.  The redneck revolution began with many whites resorted to violent opposition to the new world created around them both economically and politically especially with the death of President Lincoln and  with Vice President Andrew Johnson a Redneck slave owner from North Carolina  assumed the presidency.  He allowed southern Confederate white rebels to return to power and give freed slaves no power thus they were able to reconstruct things the way they wanted to with Blacks having no say in anything.  So what did the old White elites do?  Enact Black Codes to return blacks back to a virtual plantation system.  How ironic another racist Johnson from Texas 100 years later did the Great Society and he was a closet Redneck that got credit for giving Blacks civil rights that we clearly got in the 14th Amendment.  SILLY PEOPLE TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS.
An example of Black Codes was Florida's law if a free Black broke a labor contract they could be whipped, pilloried and sold for 1 year's labor.  Southern whites formed the Democratic party with the slogan " This is a white man's government " that openly appealed to white rednecks and the KKK. With white rednecks effectually running governments in the south they openly defied the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments which abolished slavery, gave civil and human rights and lastly the right to vote.
     Another Tidbit, President Lincoln never wanted to free the slaves he actually endorsed the CORWIN AMENDMENT which made it unconstitutional to abolish slavery which he stated he was for in his inaugural address.  Therefore the North didn't want to abolish slavery.  See its ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.  Another tidbit if General Robert E Lee was so bad why did the North offer him the command of the northern Union army 1st before he it turned down if it was a war about slavery.  Do you actually think that northern whites were ready to fight to free Black Negroes.,,LYING HISTORIANS...
     Back to today, the division between the races is getting so extreme that both sides are showing up armed and armored ready for battle, not only that I believe the media throws gasoline on the flames to agitate the rhetoric.  I also believe that both sides are being funded to incite violence by professional protesters paid for by the Deep State.    It seems no one wants peace except the average person.  So when civil war breaks out this time it will start in our cities and the outlying areas will become fragmented.  This war will be between race, politics and economics, the national guard will be called in just like in the 60's, this time people will get mad at the government for allowing this to foster and happen.  When this happens people will be hoarded into government concentration camps already being setup. I believe that the Deep State wants this to happen they want to bring in a police/ martial law state, goods and services will be severely curtailed especially in the cities as truckers will refuse to bring goods into these war zones.  People we are being played.  A Nation divided cannot stand, how can Satan throw out Satan.

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