Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Since we have given up our rights under the disguise of Terrorism through.  Homeland security, again thanks a lot Osama Bin Laden and the governments never ending search for our cash and assets we now have a new law coming on the books.  Some of you thought by going to Bitcoin and other digital currencies you could escape detection...WRONG...if you have a least 10K in these currencies you must now declare just like cash and precious metals.  The government is calling it MONEY LAUNDERING and possible funding of Terrorism, but it's really about taxes, they want your money and assets.
    So if you fail to declare you are a criminal and they can jail you plus confiscate your assets.  See the mark of the Beast will be all digital, even cash will be outlawed, like in the cashless trial in India going on now.  I have already wrote that some banks are not doing cash transactions.  See as technology evolves, everything will be done digitally, you're already being groomed for the mark of the beast.  I only have one question, will the Deep States plan that the Mark be for all transactions of not be able to buy or sell come before or after the fall.  Tick Tock, tick, tick tick, tick tock.

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