Thursday, August 17, 2017


August 17,2017

In the governments never ending hunt for your cash they have become Bloodsuckers, just like ticks, leaches and vampires.  As governments move closer to default starting next year, governments will always bites the hand that feeds them namely the people, they will keep on bloodsucking until the people stand up and revolution begins, how do you think America started, it started because England taxed the living begeavers out of the people until they rose up.  Now we have police writing tickets for everything, your homeowners and insurance escrows go up yearly, we have toll roads, and taxes on everything with too many items to name, It even cost you indirectly to keep your money in the banks.  If you retire and build a nest egg you are taxed for getting your money, never mind you are taxed along the way, if you die your estate is taxed, our children take out loans to go to college with loans they can not discharge, yet they the government can exempt themselves from most laws that apply to us.
    With gross mismanagement, now governments want to outlaw cash (last days rapidly approaching)  People now think BITCOIN is the answer, WRONG, all government has to do is enact a law that if you fail to report you are a criminal and they get to confiscate your assets.  A lots of this hunt for cash can be linked to Terrorism, thanks a lot Osama Bin Laden, he opened the door that we now give up our privacy and liberties that we once took for granted in the war on terrorism.  When history is re-written he will be included in top 20 most influential people in history along with Karl Marx and his socialist principles, even though socialism has always failed.
    See the last days are rapidly approaching, you won't be able to buy or sale without some type of electronic mark.  Everything is going digital, case in point how many of you get a paper check now, it's all an electronic transaction, along with your ATM and credit cards.  I said before India is the testing ground for the cashless society since they are part of the G20.  Did you know why people with money now don't use Swiss Bank accounts and now use Panama and other Caribbean countries because Switzerland requires you report all assets worldwide and they are required to report transaction and money's held to other G20 countries thus if you don't report you are a criminal.
     As the Great Reckoning starts next year, we have a lot more than Trump to contend with, see it's a big snowball rolling down hill picking up steam that is a direct result from the Bloodsuckers that will do us in, from Homeland security Laws disguised as terrorism, lots  of bloodsucking from our Legislative branches of government for total mismanagement reckless spending, Wall Street and Banks from the repeal of the Glass Stegal Act that blurred the lines between regular banking and investment banking.  Bloodsuckers always bring about revolution, paradigm shifts, in the end it's always about the money. And in the end no one will be able to buy or sell unless they had the mark of the beast.  The beast is already here in some form or fashion in electronic transactions and as it is written for your sake we face death all day long, we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.  But in all things we are more than conquerors, how long not long, get your affairs in order, release your debt, the beast spirit is in the air.  We ain't seen nothing yet, big collapses always usher in huge changes.

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