Wednesday, August 2, 2017



August 2, 2017

Let’s not pretend that everything is honky dory in both political parties.  Recent polls show that the Democratic Party has a 37% approval rating.  Republicans yall in no better either at 40% approval rating, both of yall a joke.  Trump may be a good in business man but does not get it. Politics is all about ego, back stabbing and self interest, not what’s good for the country.  See the swamp is so corrupt it’s impossible as an outsider and him being his own man is a recipe for disaster.  
Former President Obama had support from Blacks, Whites and Hispanics but ran into a buzz saw, Congress and the 4th State fought him tooth and nails and finally he caved in and joined them in the old adage if you can’t beat them join them.  Trump you are out of your league in politics the whole system is gone, America is soon to be gone too just like all the other empires before them who rotted from the inside out, you no different with your prideful, arrogant, deceitful self.  Democrats before you start clapping, 63% of the Nation believe you stand for nothing, that means only 37% believe in you except in the Black Community where 90% still believe in you because we still on the Plantation for the last 50 years and have Stockholm Syndrome.  Yall just don’t know that the 4th State headed by LBJ and his “Great Society”planned to keep us on the plantation….(get into that on another essay)  IN ADDITION you lost to someone who only has a 40% approval rating and dropping, WOW!!! Instead of self reflection you blame Comey and Russia, when you stand up and look at yourself in the mirror, how childish.  The only thing you stand for is being against Trump and his agenda and its stalling because of the corrupt Deep State.  
According to the polls Democrats are like a rudderless ship being blown to and fro and wedded to government solutions, fact check the Government is not your daddy.  History News Flash, the last time this happened in walks Bill Clinton and his strategy was wooing back working class White people and introducing the 3 strikes you’re out that sent Black men to his for profit penitentiary system, which is full throttle mode.  
See everything is a cycle it will happen again.  See working class Whites resist Democrats on cultural grounds not on economics.  So in order to gain ground on Republicans the Democrats will have to appeal to Whites in the suburbs and rural America the old yellow dog Democrats that haves witched over to the Republican party. Is there another eloquent Obama on the horizon.  I submit to you both party’s with all the back stabbing, infighting, bickering and corruption is a joke.  By 2020 as Trump the lame duck president who’s dead in the water and our Congress a rutterless ship blown to and fro and our country mired in an economic Depression, YES I said DEPRESSION greater that the Great Depression, and yes Trump will be blamed which he has nothing to do with it.  Of course the “Teflon Congress” will escape unscathed where squarely they are 70% of the problem when in doubt Follow The Money.  O FOLLISH GALATIANS, WHO HAS BEWITCHED YOU…YOU HAVE BEEN HOODWINKED, BAMBOOZLED LED ASTRAY, by the Deep State.


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