Wednesday, August 16, 2017


August 16, 2017

So why the Black love affair with the Democratic Party for the last 50 years.  Because who controls our narrative, the entertainment industry, the media and the educational system has been the democrats.  Today's democrats in America believe their fellow Americans are incapable of self reliance, because to democrats and those of the "plantation mentality" anybody who dares to stray from the plantation have been referred to as "House Niggers" or "Uncle Toms" for embracing conservative values.  The not so subtle message? Support liberal agenda or face social ostracism.
     Ironically the democratic party portrays itself as the "champion of tolerance and freedom" knows that free thinking Black Americans represent a mortal threat to its power base.  Democrats know that a failure to maintain the modern day version of the "plantation mentality" which is eternal victimhood caused by a racist society can only be alleviated by government handouts, which would force them to compete for a black votes that they take for granted, thus the Democrats enjoy blind support of over 90% of Black Americans without them having to do anything.  Now any Blacks who have strayed from the plantation and the views of the socialist Democratic party and are dependent on government are guilty of treason.  Malcolm X  called them "sly foxes" and they know how to manipulate Blacks to get what they want.  I guess Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam views are "Uncle Tom" views , I DON'T THINK SO.
     Now who is controlling the narrative to Black America .  We have been hoodwinked and bamboozled and led astray especially since the introduction of "The Great Society" was introduced by the racist President Lyndon B Johnson of Texas. they (Fourth State) knew what they were doing to keep  Black people on the virtual plantation system.  In case you forgot LBJ said "after this legislation we will have those NIGGERS voting Democrat for the next 200 years".
     So in the last 50 years what has changed for Black America, since the democratic party has saturated the Black community with lies.  Our communities have gotten worse, our educational system has gotten worse, worse yet the public school system is run by democratic unions thereby our kids don't get true history.  We have people dependent on welfare, Black men populating the prisons in droves and increasing 3 fold, Black fathers not in the home is up to 73% and climbing.  It's all about the money who controls it.  So we have a learned dependence, one thing I must mention it's not just Blacks that are on the plantation.  Anyone who have become dependent on "handouts" are on the plantation as well.
     Do the Democrats roll out any incentives to improve the lives of those on the Plantation?  Why because if they become productive citizens they who left the Plantation might actually want to lower their taxes so they can enjoy some of their new found prosperity and vote Republican or vote independent or better yet they would actually have to listen and follow through with campaign pledges.  What about affirmative action, keep it, because those in control who benefited from slavery to be kept on their toes and give others a chance.  Let's be real most people are more comfortable with their own kind.  But white women who go home to a white man should not be counted as other minorities  because most of the time that money stays home, and there is real possibility they are a front anyway.
     So if  the republican party freed us and we voted republican until the passage of the Civil Rights Legislation what happened.  When the republican party discovered that the democrats were controlling the narrative to Black America they devised the "Southern Strategy" to win white racist Dixicrats or Yellow dog democrats over to the republican party, thus setting the stage for what we see today, a republican party that is no longer conservative, but is radical and filled with all those racist whites  who used to vote democratic, while the democratic party has become the voice of civilized society.  So from 1948 to 1984 the southern states, traditionally a stronghold for the democrats, became key swing states for the republican party.
  So now what do we need to do especially since we are being pushed down to #3 in population and replaced by Latino population.  1st we need to get off of the virtual plantation and control our own narrative.  We need to reverse LBJ's words " I'll have those NIGGERS voting democratic for the next 200 years."  We need to curb the white supremacist that resonate so loudly in the republican party.  The democrats need to acknowledge their blind spots, look in the mirror, of you're not smarter than everybody in the Red States.  Both parties need to suppress the elite New Yorkers, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and the Bay Area of California who really run things, its offensive to millions of Americans. Also Politics has evolved into a mud slinging contest of who can get their narrative out there.  Now neither one of the parties are worth a flying flip, neither one will do what is right until forced  to do so.  Why because politics is about ego, back-stabbing , corruption and self interest, not what's good for the country.  We need to balance out the equation to be taken seriously in either party.  We need to be more than just a vote as a means to a end.  We need to put words in the atmosphere that we are not on a virtual plantation anymore.  Minister Farrakhan states " are you still in the mode of the slave master that we should bow down to him.  You tell us who we should listen to? that's the mentality of the former slave masters who owned us."
     Not much as changed in the last 200 years or the last 50 years.  When do we start to hold them accountable.  Get off of the virtual plantation, the government is not our Daddy, they don't know what is best for us or anybody else.  We ought to be able to handle up on our own business, ask for your liberty, just like they did,   Other great nations have followed the path of government intervention, government your daddy and have failed.  I say the only reason we have not failed yet and we will is because of our size and influence, and we are rapidly deteriorating and rotting from the inside just like other great empires before the United States.  Pride before destruction, arrogance before the fall, TITANIC.  America be careful of the seeds that you sow.  Because what you sow you are guaranteed to reap.   Have you not known? Have you not heard?... that the Almighty GOD gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength and we shall run and not be weary, we shall walk and not faint.  A new paradigm shift is about to occur in our land, don't be scared,

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