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August 3, 2017

We need as Blacks in America, need a History lesson not His-Story of what they want us to hear, see and read in their narrative.  Remember everything we hear, see and read is a LIE and based on who controls the narrative, which the Deep State propaganda machine so eloquently crafts.  We also must remember that the Establishment has an agenda for everything they do, they don’t do things for nothing there are strings attached for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We as Black people follow blindly because we have Stockholm Syndrome. Where we as Black people bond, have empathy, trust and be in love with with our captors(the oppressors) no matter how abusive the treatment we as Blacks have received and continue to receive.

When Black Americans were enslaved in pre-civil war America we were compelled to live life shaped by our masters on the plantation.  Uniformity was required and disobedience was punished, thereby we developed the “Plantation Mentality”.  So what has changed in the last 50 years since we started voting democratic in droves, I submit we still have this “plantation mentality” and we have substituted one master for another master the Democratic party with their big handouts (social programs).

How many people know the Republican party was formed in 1854 as the anti slavery party.  The Democrats was a southern party of the confederate states that formed the Ku Klux Klan in 1866. (hmm one year after slavery was abolished) How many people know John F Kennedy voted against the Civil Right Act of 1954 and his brother Attorney General Robert F Kennedy.  Then when he ran for president he needed to bring in southern whites so they (and the Democrats) went with racist Lyndon B Johnson of Texas to appeal to a larger base of redneck Democratic.  How many people know when President Johnson signed in legislation for “ The Great Society” he said and I quote “ after this legislation we will have those NIGGERS voting Democrat for the next 200 years”.Most people don’t know that the JFK and RFK had racist J Edgar Hoover of the FBI wiretap Martin Luther King and other Black movements including Malcolm X because they believed them to be communist and were uplifting and awakening Blacks in America from their stupor state. As a matter of fact Malcolm X said “ the democratic party is playing you for political CHUMPS and if you vote for them, not only are you a CHUMP you are a traitor to your race.”  NEWSFLASH Malcolm X was killed 2 days after saying this. NEWSFLASH 2, Martin Luther King was a Republican and never endorsed any Democratic candidate, including the Kennedy”s.  How many Blacks know it was the Republicans who established the NAACP.Or when the The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was in play a higher percentage of Republicans voted for its passage while 23 Democrats filibusterer the bill trying to prevent its passage or that the Confederate flag was the original party flag of the Democrats.  Here another good tidbit.Bill Clinton’s running mate AL Gore’s daddy a democratic senator from Tennessee was locked arm in arm with other southern democrats to kill the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  How many people know that Martin Luther King ‘s battle to desegregate the south had him fighting southern democrats such as Georgia Governor Lestor Maddox who refused to serve Blacks in restaurants in defiance of the 1964 Civil Right Act and Alabama Governor George Wallace, who said in 1962  “Segregation Now, Segregation Tommorrow and Segregation Forever.”  Another tidbit President Eisenhower a Republican was the president that enforced desegregation of schools and the military and President Truman a Democrat was a member of the KKK.

Now the Democratic party voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. In case You didn’t know the 13th amendment abolished slavery,the 14th addressed citizenship and equal protection of the laws, and the 15th amendment gave us voting rights.  All of these were instituted during reconstruction.  Now the south hated this and viewed this as a problem because all these Negroes who used to be their property which made them wealthy because of free labor were outnumbered and they got scared so they the Democrats started “JIM CROW” laws which was a caste system to keep newly freed slaves as second class citizens and keep the White Supremacy intact.  It was everywhere from white ministers who taught that whites were the chosen people, or Negroes came from Apes,and thereby we were intellectually inferior.  Negroes were called coons, Niggers are worse.  Negroes could not touch whites, could not eat together, whites were supposed to be served first with partitions between them.  Negroes could not call Whites by their name, Negroes had to Address them as Mr, Ms etc it also kept the school systems segregated.  There laws were enforced by the elected Democratic officials and any other white person or group like the KKK and unions who had slogans like you vote you die. These laws instituted by the southern Democratic party served to keep Negroes on a virtual plantation system.

So why the love affair with the Democratic Party despite all they have done to Blacks.  Most historians consider The Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a defining moment in Black American History because it was passed during the administration of Democratic President Lyndon B Johnson who became the party of desegregation, even though way more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Bill. So who controlled the narrative… Stayed Tuned part 2 next.   

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